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Dublin: Point of Interest Map
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Dublin Vacations

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Ireland is the perfect country for driving. There are lots of charming towns along the way, each worth a stop and a visit in which ever route you choose to explore.

Land of castles, country manors, green pastures, pubs, druids and so much more. Always separate from the rest of Europe by the Channel with its very own personality.
Cities in Ireland

With over 1000 years of history, Dublin has experienced many changes, particularly in the last decade. European Union membership and increased prosperity have transformed the Republic of Ireland`s capital into a multicultural city with a thriving economy, ranking it among the top tourist destinations in Europe. Its historic buildings include Dublin Castle, dating to the 13th century, and imposing St Patrick`s Cathedral, founded in 1191. Dublin is a walk through time and, also a glimpse of some of the pieces that must eventually fit together. Not only is Dublin deeply rooted in their incredible history, culture and – well, booze – the people of Dublin are all such amazing characters, as well.

Best Dublin Vacation Packages:
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Suggested Dublin Vacation Packages:
The Best of Dublin plus Northern Ireland
6 nights from $738*
The Best of Dublin plus Wicklow
6 nights from $900*
The Best Art and Pop Culture in Dublin
6 nights from $1,247*
Dublin for Outdoor Enthusiasts
6 nights from $1,127*
Off the Beaten Path from Dublin
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Dublin Getaway
6 nights from $579*
Dublin - Waterford - Killarney - Galway - Westport - Sligo (Self Drive)
10 nights from $1,719*
Live Like a Lord
7 nights from $1,183*
London - Edinburgh - Dublin by Air
9 nights from $1,369*
Lucky Charms (Self Drive - Dublin - Galway - Limerick)
More details
London - Paris and Dublin
9 nights from $1,068*
Dublin - Kilkenny - Waterford - Cork - Killarney - Limerick (Self Drive)
10 nights from $1,336*
Dublin - Paris - Rome by Air
9 nights from $964*
Naturally Irish (Self Drive - Limerick - Waterford - Dublin)
6 nights from $768*
Dublin and Edinburgh by Air
6 nights from $829*
Dublin and Amsterdam by Air
6 nights from $526*
Dublin and Barcelona by Air
6 nights from $788*
Dublin and Edinburgh - London - Cardiff
11 nights from $2,621*
London and Dublin by Air
6 nights from $789*
Limerick - Killarney - Dublin (Self Drive)
6 nights from $819*
Magical Ireland (Self Drive - Dublin - Cork - Killarney - Galway - Limerick)
9 nights from $1,179*

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