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Full of diversity, entrenched in history and blessed with spectacular landscapes, Eastern Europe offers something for everyone.

The traditional way to see Europe and a wonderful way for first-timers to experience Eastern Europe.

Europe is famous for its vast railroad network, but driving around in a rental still represents the best way to see some of the old continent's most picturesque regions.
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Primorsko is a popular seaside resort on the Bulgarian Black Sea Coast, and has been a popular summer vacation destination for over 60 years. The town is located on a spear-shaped headland jutting out into the sea. With temperatures rising above 90 degrees Fahrenheit each summer, Primorsko is one of the warmest and sunniest towns in Bulgaria. You`ll find most of the hotels and resorts along two separated strands of beach called North Beach and South Beach, respectively. Points of interest near town include the Ropotamo Protected Nature Reserve, as well as the ancient Thracian sanctuary and dolmen of Beglik Tash.

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