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Slovenian Styria: Point of Interest Map
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Slovenian Styria

Major Cities

Maribor, Slovenia`s second-largest city, feels cozy and provincial, but looks can be deceiving. Its young, cosmopolitan university population keeps the town lively year-round, and the city`s emphasis on promoting the arts resulted in Maribor being named the European Capital of Culture in 2012. Travelers will enjoy strolling the pedestrian-only streets of the historic Old Town, located on the picturesque Drava River.
Areas of Styria

The Savinja River flows for 63 miles through the heart of Slovenian Styria, passing through Celje, the country`s third-largest city, and Laško, home to the largest brewery in Slovenia.
Cities in Slovenia
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Slovenian Styria (called Štajerska in Slovene) is the southern third of the historic region of Styria. The landscape is a mix of pastoral scenes and industrialized towns and cities. The largest city in the region, Maribor, is one of the former Yugoslavia`s most industrialized cities and was integral to its economy. Today, Maribor and other similarly industrialized towns like Celje and Velenje are crucial to the success of the modern Slovenian economy. Beer and wine connoisseurs will recognize Styria for their aromatic hops, and its Ljutomer Riesling, a delightful palate-cleansing white wine. Rivers that flow in Slovenian Styria include the Drava; the Savinja; and in southern Styria, the country`s longest river, the Sava.

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