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Northern Lights

Countries to Explore

It is easy to fall in love with the beautiful country of Norway with its dramatic coastline, towering waterfalls and mountain peaks. Also famous for its Western Fjords, Northern Lights and unique nature, you`re in the right place if Mother Nature is your greatest pursuit.

Finland is a truly phenomenal country located in northern Europe. It is also one of the world`s most northern and geographically remote countries that is densely forested and filled with nature and wilderness.

Sweden is the largest of the Nordic countries that borders Norway and Finland and is connected to Denmark via the bridge of Oresund. The northernmost part of Sweden belongs to the Arctic. Visitors can experience deep forests and many lakes, the heritage from the Viking Age and the 17th-cnetury Swedish Empire, the glamour of the Nobel Prize, and the country`s successful pop music scene.

Iceland is an island nation in the north Atlantic Ocean. It is a stunningly beautiful place if you enjoy strange and desolate landscapes and is an epic place to visit. Here, you`ll discover active volcanoes, geysers, hot springs, glaciers, ice fields, and fjords.

Scotland's landscape is dotted with dramatic fairy-tale castles, ruined abbeys, fascinating historic cities and picturesque villages. Edinburgh, its capital, is widely considered to be one of the most charming cities on Earth. To the west, Glasgow has grown into one of Europe's most exciting cities for culture and recreation.
Major Cities

The beautiful city of Tromso or "Paris of the North" was first established as a community on the Tromsoya Island back in the Middle Ages. The city is ideal for seeing the northern lights and has a modern mix of outdoor activities, a vibrant nightlife, and places to eat local food.

Situated right near the Arctic Circle in Finnish Lapland, Rovaniemi offers scores of sights and attractions as the capital of this one-of-a-kind region. The city is surrounded by the astounding beauty is the official residence of Santa Clause. Visitors will also enjoy a world-class museum, fine dining, boutique hotels, and a lively nightlife fueled by a large student population.

The world`s most northerly capital, Reykjavik offers a mix of nature and city life creating a cultivating energy and attitude. Explore the natural wonders of the Golden Circle, relax in the cleansing geothermal energy pools of the Blue Lagoon, witness the boiling waters at Strjokkur Geyser, or stroll the Old Harbor. The astounding Northern Lights and this natural phenomenon is not to be missed while visiting in the winter months.

The Northern Lights, also called Aurora Borealis, can only be seen in the northern hemisphere and is strongest above the Arctic Circle. The bright dancing lights of the aurora are actually collisions between electrically charged particles from the sun that enter the earth`s atmosphere. In recent years, more and more people have become aware of the natural phenomenon and watching these majestic lights dance and flicker in the sky is on the bucket lists of thousands. There are many places to catch a glimpse of these Aurora Borealis - such as the northern countries of Norway, Finland, Sweden, Iceland, and Scotland.

Two City Itineraries:
Helsinki and Rovaniemi by Air
6 nights from $1,738*
Reykjavik and Stockholm by Air
6 nights from $1,328*
Oslo and Bergen by Train
6 nights from $10,960*
Stockholm and Helsinki by Air
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Three City Itineraries:
Copenhagen - Oslo - Reykjavik by Air
9 nights from $2,572*
In Depth City Itineraries:
Copenhagen - Gothembourg - Olso - Stockholm by Train
8 nights from $1,733*
Reykjavik - Copenhagen - Stockholm - Oslo by Air
9 nights from $1,319*
Copenhagen - Stockholm - Oslo - Reykjavik
12 nights from $2,107*

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