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hungarian cuisine: Point of Interest Map
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hungarian cuisine

Map of Hungarian Food Cities
Hungarian Foodie Cities and Regions
Regions of Hungary
Transdanubia comprises roughly the western half of Hungary and includes many popular destinations and sights, such as Pannonhalma Archabbey, a UNESCO World Heritage Site; the cities of Gyor and Pécs; spa towns such as Sarvar and Szekesfehervar; and of course the enduringly popular Lake Balaton.
Great Hungarian Plain
The Great Hungarian Plain comprises much of eastern Hungary. It is known for such historic cities as Debrecen and Szeged, both integral places in Hungary`s fight for independence and to the country`s culture. Hortobagy National Park, Europe`s largest grassland, is also located here.
Cities in Hungary

Hungarian cuisine is very hearty, nourishing, and for the uninitiated, sometimes spicy. Paprika is the national spice, made from red peppers, and is used in gulyas (goulash), the most popular dish in the country. Like goulash, many of the most popular dishes in Hungarian cuisine are soups or stews, such as the fish chowder halaszle, typically served with warm bread. Hungary is also well-known for its dairy industry, and it produces many popular cheeses such as Pannonia cheese. Hungarian cuisine is similar to its Central European counterparts, yet also manages to be distinct in its own right. To learn more about popular Hungarian dishes, click here.

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