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unesco world heritage sites of spain: Point of Interest Map
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unesco world heritage sites of spain

UNESCO World Sites

Western civilization was born in Greece over 4,000 years ago. It therefore comes as no surprise that this ancient land is home to 18 amazingly unique UNESCO Sites to visit. From Bronze Age citadels and the sacred Acropolis of Athens (on which stands the Parthenon, chosen by UNESCO as its official emblem), to Byzantine monasteries and Venetian fortresses, Greece’s ongoing efforts to protect and curate its sites and monuments is testament to the tireless work of archaeologists, conservators and heritage managers across the country.

Italy boasts the greatest number of UNESCO World Heritage Sites than any other country in the world. With 51 designated cultural and natural landmarks, it makes up over 5% of UNESCO’s global list. From Dolomites and historic centers of Florence and Rome to Pompeii and the Amalfi Coast, the Italian sites are ideal travel destinations for anyone seeking out history, art, and culture.

Germany currently boasts a whopping 51 UNESCO World Heritage Sites, ranking among the countries with the highest density of natural and cultural treasures. All of the sites are of great importance for humanity, by their unique authenticity, nature, and righteousness, and are subject to special protection. From spectacular cityscapes at the Hanseatic City of Lübeck to fascinating medieval old towns and castles, and some amazing natural landscape of the Wadden Sea on Germany’s North Sea coast, Germany offers a diverse wealth of UNESCO sites to be discovered.

With over 2,000 years of history, France boasts more than 40 UNESCO World Heritage Sites, and has the fourth largest number of historical sites in the world after Italy, China, and Spain. The UNESCO-listed sites take a variety of forms including historic towns, palaces, castles, religious buildings, forts, canals, and landscapes. These sites can be found spread all across France, so wherever you go, you won’t be far away from one of them.
Experiences and Adventure
Iconic Spanish Road Trips
With one of the most extensive systems of roads and highways in the world, clocking in at over 10,000 miles, Spain is very easy to traverse by car. Major highways (autopistas and autovías) connect all of Spain`s 45 mainland provinces with one another, and they can be found in the Balearic and Canary Islands as well. Let us help you find your ideal Spanish road trip that`s tailored to your desires. The vibrance and energy of Spain radiates out from the capital, Madrid, and it is at your fingertips just as soon as you book your own iconic Spanish road trip!
Kingdoms of Spain
The Spanish Empire was one of the most powerful and enduring, lasting from 1492 until 1976. By the year 1516, the Kingdoms of Castile, Aragon, Granada, and others were united under the Spanish crown. This is in addition to other storied kingdoms which existed pre-1516 in Spain`s current borders, such as Galicia, Leon, and the Moorish Almohad Caliphate. The cities in the regions that once comprised the Kingdoms of Spain are filled with thousands of years of history and monuments that predate the singular Spanish crown.
City and Beach Holidays in Spain
Tens of millions of people visit Spain each year, and many of them combine its picturesque and historic cities, such as the capital, Madrid, with some of the most popular and beautiful beaches in the world. Whether you`re going to sun yourself on the Mediterranean Costas, the Bay of Biscay shoreline, or off the mainland and on one of Spain`s gorgeous islands, you will find a Spanish city and beach holiday best suited to your needs and wants.
Spanish Wine Regions
Spain was the third-largest producer of wine in the world in 2017 following Italy and France. The vineyards of Spain cover the largest land area at a sprawling 2.4 million acres! That is 20% larger than the California Wine Estates! Wine has been cultivated in Spain since at least 1,100 BC when it was established by the Phoenicians in the Cadiz area. The country has 138 official wine designations (as of 2020) with each region being incredibly diverse along with an extremely varied climate.
Spanish Cuisine
Spanish cuisine is very flavorful, and is a quintessential Mediterranean diet, befitting the world`s largest olive oil producer and second-largest wine producer. Spain`s former colonies all over the world influenced the cuisine at home, in everything from tomato sauce to saffron. Today, the various regional staple delicacies represent history and tradition. With that said, Spain is also well-known as a cutting-edge food destination, and one city in particular, San Sebastian, boasts the second-highest per capita concentration of Michelin-starred restaurants in the world.
Cities in Spain
Spain and Beyond

Spain has the third most UNESCO World Heritage Sites of any country in the world. From Iberian Peninsula’s most antique villages and old towns to cobblestoned Romanesque streets and breathtaking architecture, there are 48 impressive UNESCO sites to visit in Spain. Countless cultures have passed through this country leaving their incredible influences and making Spain a cultural paradise. You can learn more about Spain's most impressive UNESCO Sites by clicking here.

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