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Petra: Point of Interest Map
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Petra Vacations

Map of Petra
Cities in Jordan

The awe-inspiring Ancient City of Petra is the country`s most valuable treasure. The UNESCO World Heritage Site and one of the Seven Wonders of the Modern World is a unique, vast city carved into the sheer sandstone rocks is an amazing place to explore. Discover massive ancient temples and tombs along with the spectacular sights from the Mountaintop Monarchy in a city that dates back over 2,000 years. One of the most famous Petra attractions, the Al Khazneh is believed to be the most elaborate and extravagant treasury in Petra. Light to darkness is what exploring the place will feel like but we bet you will feel enlightened when you come out.

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Amman - Petra - Wadi Rum - Aqaba
7 nights from $476*
Best Of Jordan
7 nights from $691*
Tel Aviv - Amman - Petra - Aqaba
8 nights from $1,117*
Amman - Petra - Dead Sea - Cairo
8 nights from $1,029*
Cairo - Amman - Dead Sea - Petra - Wadi Rum
8 nights from $1,020*
Dubai - Amman - Dead Sea - Petra - Wadi Rum
9 nights from $3,076*
Highlights of Jordan and Egypt
12 nights from $2,546*
Jerusalem - Eilat - Wadi Rum - Petra - Amman
9 nights from $1,469*
Tel Aviv - Jerusalem - Amman - Petra - Dead Sea
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Dead Sea - Petra - Istanbul - Cappadocia
8 nights from $1,446*
Petra - Dead Sea - Cairo - Istanbul
9 nights from $1,083*
Tel Aviv - Jerusalem - Tiberias - Petra - Amman
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Israel (Tel Aviv - Jerusalem) and Jordan (Amman - Petra - Aqaba) Highlights
9 nights from $1,571*

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