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madeira island: Point of Interest Map
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madeira island

Map of Madeira Island
Cities and Beaches of Beautiful Madeira

Funchal faces the azure Atlantic with a backdrop of dramatic mountains. Located in the stunning south of Madeira Island, amidst banana plantations and verdant gardens. It is relaxed by day and has a vibrant nightlife.

Madeira Island is a sunny and inviting destination off the coast of Portugal, a quick flight from Lisbon or Faro. The coastal area encompasses several small towns which offer easy access to beaches, friendly local restaurants and shops, land and water sports.
Regions of Portugal
Lisbon, the capital of Portugal is a dazzling city stretching along the Tagus River, a cosmopolitan destination forever linked with the sea. Its nucleus, an ancient fortress, is now circled by neighborhoods drenched with medieval remnants. It follows an unhurried pace, full of character and beguiling charm.
Coasts Near Lisbon
Lisbon was once one of Europe`s most underrated capitals, but with its cinematic hillsides, cobbled alleyways, vibrancy and charm, the city has earned itself a well-deserved status as a power player among travelers. Nearby sunny shores beckon with a dizzying array of culture, activities, food, music, art, and relaxation.
Porto, Portugal`s second city, is one of the oldest European cities, having been conquered by the Celts, the Romans, and the Moors, all before the year 1000. The city`s history is evident when you stroll the streets of the city center, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Porto is a hub for shopping, music, arts and entertainment for northern Portugal.
Douro River Valley
The Douro River Valley is one of the most beautiful areas of Portugal, best-known for its fortified wines. The Douro wine plantations, called `quintas`, and their sprawling terraced vineyards were entered into the UNESCO World Heritage `Cultural Landscapes` register in 2001. The Douro Valley is sleepy and quiet, yet also full of adventure.
Costa Verde
The Costa Verde, so named for its fragrant pine forests and dazzling fields of emerald green, stretches from the Spanish border south to Greater Porto. The region is known for its port wine; its UNESCO World Heritage Sites such as the Porto city center and the Santuario de Santa Luzia in Viana do Castelo; and for its beach resort towns.
Beira Alta
The Beira Alta region of Portugal is picturesque and diverse. It is known for its delicious queijo da Serra cheese, for its wines made from grapes growing in the Dao River Valley, and of course for its architectural and geographical splendor. The mountains of the Serra da Estrela and the Serra do Acor rise above beautiful river valleys.
The Alentejo
Plains extend as far as the eye can see, from the Tagus River to the Spanish border. This is the Alentejo, dotted with cork oaks, olive trees, and vineyards. Here and there a town pops up and houses standing proudly on grassy knolls and roads winding beyond castles and convents recall battles with the Spanish for lands.
The Algarve
The Algarve region of southern Portugal may be best known for its glorious beaches, some of the most popular in Europe in fact. In the east, centered around Faro, a calmer way of life unfolds and quiet towns and unpopulated beaches define the area. The west side, where Albufeira is the largest city, is well-known for its nightlife, where the party doesn`t stop until dawn.
Experiences & Adventures

Portugal has so many beautiful sights, you might want a car to explore everything - from the major highways connecting large cities to the small, two-lane roads that traverse the countryside. Enjoy your trip and have fun experiencing scenic Portugal on the most iconic road trip of your lives!

Portugal has a long, eventful history, but in the rush for tourists to visit the biggest sights, sometimes beautiful and paramount cities like Fatima or Castelo Branco get lost in the shuffle. These charming towns are every bit as important as their more popular siblings, so take a look at these overlooked destinations.

Tourists flock to Portugal for many reasons, from its rich history to its incredible food, but its beautiful beaches often steal the show. The coastline stretches from the dreamy Algarve in the South to the popular Costa Verde wine region in the north, and we can`t forget Madeira Island and the Azores!
More to Explore
The Azores
1,000 miles west of mainland Portugal, the warmth and beauty of the Azores envelop all five of visitors` senses. The Renaissance-era avenues of Ponta Delgada; the lush fields of Sao Miguel; Terceira Island, where UNESCO World Heritage-listed Angra do Heroismo is located; and rugged Faial Island, dotted by volcanoes, enthrall travelers.
Canary Islands
Situated just off the southwestern coast of Morocco, the Canary Islands have been popular vacation destinations for decades. The Canary Islands offer breathtaking landscapes, beautiful beaches, lots of shopping and entertainment opportunities, and of course over 600 years of Spanish architectural influence and history.
Sal Island
Stunning and tropical Sal Island, a former Portuguese colony which is now part of the nation of Cape Verde, combines wonderfully with a stay in the Azores. We recommend making it part of your trip to Portugal to enjoy its 350 days of sunshine a year, fine white sandy shores, pastel houses in seaside villages, and its relaxed vibe.
Cities in Portugal
Portugal and Beyond

Madeira is a beautiful and fascinating island that makes for a wonderful year round holiday destination. The island comprises of stunning natural scenery, with massive mountains, jagged cliffs, lush forests and delightful flower gardens. The people of Madeira are welcoming and hospitable, which reflects the laid-back and generous nature of the Portuguese. As a holiday destination Madeira provides, a glorious climate, excellent tourist facilities and tremendous value for money.

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