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iconic scottish road trips: Point of Interest Map
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iconic scottish road trips

Map of Scottish Towns and Cities
More to Explore

The fifteen national parks of the United Kingdom are very popular tourism draws, and it is estimated that over 100 million visitors from Britain and abroad flock to the parks each year. No matter where you are on the island of Great Britain, you are most likely within two hours` drive of a national park.

Scotland has more Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty than any other constituent nation of the United Kingdom. 40 conservation areas are located here and they are called National Scenic Areas. We have chosen to highlight 20 of these areas and we hope you like what you see.

Scotland is home to five UNESCO World Heritage Sites, with some located on the mainland and some on the offshore islands. These sites range from Neolithic settlements dating back five millennia to testaments to the Scottish economic might exhibited during the Industrial Revolution.
Cities in Scotland
Scotland and Beyond

Scotland`s landscape is dotted with dramatic fairy-tale castles, ruined abbeys, fascinating historic cities and picturesque villages, and what better way to experience all of what Scotland has to offer than to set out on a course of adventure with an iconic Scottish road trip. Edinburgh, Scotland's capital, is widely considered to be one of the most charming cities on Earth. To the west, Glasgow has grown into one of Europe`s most exciting cities for culture and recreation. Inverness and Aberdeen give access to trekking across the hills of the lowlands or the rocky peaks of the Highlands and islands. But whether on the low or the high road, there`s plenty to see and do in one of the world`s most accessible and civilized wildernesses.

The Lothians and Loch Ness (Self Drive)
6 nights from $1,154*
Scottish Wonderland (Self Drive - Edinburgh - Fort William - Inverness - Perth)
9 nights from $2,241*
Edinburgh - Aberdeen - Inverness (Self Drive)
7 nights from $2,369*
Edinburgh - Aberdeen - Inverness - Glasgow (Self Drive)
8 nights from $1,954*
Edinburgh - Windermere - Chester - London (Self Drive)
10 nights from $1,706*
Edinburgh and the Lothians (Self Drive)
6 nights from $1,425*
Gems of Southern Scotland (Self Drive - Glasgow and Dumfries and Galloway)
7 nights from $1,898*
Glasgow - Dumfries and Galloway - Edinburgh (Self Drive)
6 nights from $2,267*
Highland Highlights (Self Drive - Edinburgh - Fort William - Inverness)
7 nights from $1,861*
Edinburgh and Inverness (Self Drive)
6 nights from $1,054*
Manchester - Windermere - Glasgow - Edinburgh (Self Drive)
8 nights from $1,339*

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