In addition to Ibiza`s party-mad clubbing season that doesn`t stop between June and September each year, the island also has a cultural calendar crammed full of festivals which are definitely worth catching!


16th: Revuelta de San Antoni Abat
The lighting of bonfires signifies the Eve of St Anthony`s Day in San Antonio de Portmany.
17th: Beneides de Sant Antoni
The main event is the blessing of St Anthony which is celebrated all over the island with processions and feasting.


Held just before lent and is characterized by some excellent parties (of the fancy dress variety) plus dancing, drinking, eating and general merrymaking. Not to be missed!

March and April

19th March: Festa de San Josep
A classical concert followed by festivities to celebrate St Joseph`s Day.
Semana Santa
Numerous processions take place on Holy Thursday, Good Friday and Easter weekend.


Festa de Maig (first Sunday of the month)
Legend has it that hundreds of years ago the old church at the top of the hill in Santa Eulalia collapsed, but miraculously none of the congregation was killed. This event is marked to this day with a parade of horse-drawn carriages, floral displays, fireworks and a vintage car fair.
This festival is held in Santa Eularia and celebrates the arrival of Spring by parading flowers all over the town.
Eivissa Medieval (second Sunday of the month)
The ancient walled city welcomes the Ibiza Medieval Fair, a showcase for craft markets, magicians, puppets, clowns, minstrels and jugglers who fill the city with color and atmosphere. Stalls and exhibits celebrate the traditional life of Ibiza Town`s old quarter, D`Alt Vila since it was named a UNESCO World Heritage Site.
Club opening parties
Late May to early June
In the last week of May, Ibiza starts to spring to life with the reopening of the many clubs, an occasion that is marked with increasingly extravagant parties, usually headed by top-name DJs. By mid-June, the clubbing season is well and truly underway and no one gets any sleep till October.


15th-16th: Dia de la Virgen de Carmen
Celebrated throughout the Balearics in all the harbors, this age old festival blesses the fishing boats for a year of luck and prosperity.


8th: Sant Ciriac
Head to D`Alt Vila in Ibiza Town to commemorate the reconquest of the Balearics by the Spanish in 1235 with processions, fireworks, music and dancing. Partake in the annual watermelon fight (a once in a lifetime opportunity) before watching a magnificent firework display after sunset.

24th: Día de Sant Bartomeu
Get down to the harbor in San Antonio de Portmany for fireworks and general festivities.


Club closing parties
Late September to early October
Before you know it, the clubbing season is drawing to a close for another year, a tragedy that has to be celebrated with a last hurrah of lavish partying. For a final blast of unashamed hedonism, book that flight to Ibiza for the weekend of October 4-5.


6th: Festa del Vi Payés
This lively festival in the village of Sant Mateu celebrates not just the local wine but also the island`s sausages and other local produce.
Nativity Scenes
Throughout December
Local communities put enormous effort and dedication into creating their Belén, or nativity scene, with a particularly large and elaborate example in the Paseo de Vara de Rey in Ibiza Town. Also look out for performances of Caramelles, traditional Christmas choral songs, in churches all over the island.