Ibiza food draws on the island`s rich history and diverse culture to produce cuisine which is sure to suit all tastes. Tasty, traditional Spanish dishes are in abundance on a typical Ibizan menu. All the staple Spanish classics like Gazpacho (cold tomato soup) and Paella (saffron flavored rice with vegetables/chicken/seafood) are widely available all over the island. Similarly, if you`re partial to a bit of tapas, then you`ll be pleased to hear you can indulge in Ibiza just as you would on the Spanish mainland. Tapas is a very social way of eating and traditionally families and groups of friends gather to `picar` (literally `nibble at`) a selection of yummy little dishes. Seafood options come highly recommended when in Ibiza, so make sure you include delectable delights like `calamares` (fried squid) and `gambas al ajillo` (garlic prawns) in your order.

More specific to the Balearic Island region are a few tasty treats that are not so common on the mainland. Balearic sausages, `Sobresada` and `Butifarra` are the most famous ones and are definitely worth a try. Ibiza food also contains some great treats for those of you with a sweet tooth. Most famous of all is the Ensaïmada de Mallorca. This sugary treat is widely available throughout the Balearic Islands and makes the perfect end to a perfect Ibizan meal. Ensaïmadas are made from a light pastry that can be filled with chocolate or cream, or just eaten plain with sugar dusted on top.

Seafood in general is a must when sampling Ibiza food. Typical fish meals are served very simply, allowing you to truly relish the taste of the fish, which is normally just accompanied by potatoes and salad. You may also wish to try a local fish stew, known as `Zarzuela`, to get a taste of the best fish Ibiza has to offer.

Another tasty pudding which is unique to the island of Ibiza is Flao. If you like cheesecake, you`ll love this - it is a Mediterranean take on the American classic made with fresh cheese, mint, aniseed and honey. The taste is overall more herbal than you may be used to, but it is definitely worth a try.

Almonds are another stock ingredient in any Ibiza dessert and you shouldn`t leave without sampling a slice of scrumptious Gató d`Ametlla (almond cake) or a few scoops of almond ice cream on a hot day.


Ibiza drinks are varied and perfect for washing down a tasty meal. Pretty much anything is available in Ibiza, with respect to wine, liquor and soft drinks; however there are a few specialties that you should give a try while in the region.

Hierbas Ibicencas
Hierbas Ibicencas or `Ibizan Herbs` is a traditional Ibiza drink made from a variety of herbs and plant extracts found in Ibiza. It is said to contain 18 different plants, however, the most prominent tastes are aniseed, lemon, orange and thyme. In addition to aiding digestion this after dinner tipple is believed to have healing powers as they have their origin in the medicinal concoctions which the apothecaries used to prepare in the 16th Century to fight against epidemics.

Frígola (Thyme liqueur)
This a traditional Ibizan drink taken after your meal alone or with ice. It has a strong herby taste and is made primarily from thyme.

Typically an aperitif to wet your appetite before a hearty Ibizan meal, Palo is a dark liquor made from the Quino Calsaya plant. Traditionally used as a medicine, the powerful taste of the drink is sweetened with caramelized sugar.

Although not strictly speaking a unique Ibiza drink, this Spanish favorite is found all over the island and makes a perfect refreshment on a warm day. Sangría is generally made from red wine, sugar, lemonade, chopped fruit and a mixture of liquors - the exact quantities and combinations differ from bar to bar. Each barman has his own secret recipe and it is very difficult to find out exactly what he has added to make his sangria so delicious.