Ibiza`s night life is one of the most exciting and diverse in Europe. Every summer Ibiza is mobbed by the young and beautiful international party-set, all searching for the ultimate in hedonistic fun-in-the-sun. The innovative music scene in Ibiza has been so influential that its trademark genre of chilled-out dance music has come to be known as `Balearic House`, and the place has made superstars out of previously anonymous DJs who have now been catapulted to celebrity status.

What began as small bars and underground clubs have spawned whole empires with international club nights such as Manumission and Pacha now global brand names. These superclubs get bigger and better every year as they viciously compete for the best international DJ`s and the most clientele. The clubbing scene in Ibiza is now a huge business – some of the venues are among the largest, most flamboyantly impressive clubs in the world and every summer they attract top celebs and the best DJ`s on the planet. Massive multinational super clubs such as Cream and Pacha rule the roost, but there are plenty of smaller venues, which play more experimental music to a varied but consistently energetic and enthusiastic crowd.

The nocturnal circuit in Ibiza is multi faceted and made up of many different age groups from different lifestyles but the true spirit of Ibiza can be felt when your age, your dress sense or the size of your wallet doesn`t matter. It is possible at one point, all these people join together while dancing at a club and the only thing in common is their smile.

Ibiza Bars
After a meal, one of the most common places to start the ball rolling is in one of Ibiza`s many bars. You will come across more than you can count while strolling through the Port of Ibiza Town in the summer months. From the gay corners of Dome down to the famous Rock Bar or in local hang-outs like Da Igual, there is something for everyone.
The Ibiza Port is the venue where all the major clubs parade and promote their night`s parties. Most of the nights you`ll see the club`s dancers along with some very "interesting characters".

San Antonio comes with a reputation that proceeds but it also has many great places to start out your night. To watch the sunset at Kumharas is probably a less commercial option to its Cafe del Mar and Mambo counterparts and probably will prove more memorable. Kumharas also has a nightly market, restaurant and performance shows combined with local and international Djs.

Ibiza Clubs
Space, Pacha, Amnesia, Privilege, Esparadis and Eden are the biggest names of Ibiza`s clubbing scene but sometimes the real spirit has been lost to overcrowded dance floors and hefty door prices. If you don`t follow the crowd you can find some more alternative venues which in some cases will outperform the bigger venues with their music and energy. Kilometro Cinco (Km5) is a great example of this, where you can dine, drink and party (until 4am). Set in beautiful country gardens with a restaurant, whale-bar and local art exhibitions, Km5 is definitely a great place to spend the night.

Another definite place to check is Bambuddha Grove which is a favorite for visitors and locals alike with an excellent restaurant and music late into the night. More central is The Underground which often has excellent music and crowds from all over the world.

Grail Ibiza won`t go without a mention either as its close proximity to Pacha and being on the way from the port is a great place for Pacha pre-drinks. There is always a special blend of locals with the tourist crowd in summer where you can dance to music from a selection of some of the best dj`s in Ibiza.