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Central Europe

Countries to Explore
Austria is epitomized by green glacial valleys and snow-capped peaks - and the wooden picture postcard chalets plus the stylish capital, Vienna, to the baroque splendor of Salzburg.
Czech Republic
The Czech Republic offers unspoiled expanse of mountains, spotted with small towns and villages, with the architectural and artistic treasures of Prague, undoubtedly its brightest jewel.
Germany's landscape is straight from the Fairy tales: castles, deep dark forests and mythical rivers. The German landscapes are extraordinarily diverse, with graceful big-city appeal, small picture-postcard towns, and pagan-inspired harvest festivals.
After Iceland, Hungary has the world's largest reserve of surface thermal water. Thousands who seek rest and rejuvenation turn to the country's innumerable thermal spas, famous for their natural healing spring water.
No matter where you look in Switzerland, you’ll be in awe by its beauty. It has towering mountains that are covered in snow no matter what season, sparkling lakes, charming villages, and rolling hills. Plus a whole lot of chocolate and cheese!
Tucked between Switzerland and Austria, Liechtenstein is a tiny country that sits among beautiful mountain ranges that rise steep and rugged above the Rhine. Outdoor enthusiasts are in their element here, with a remarkable number of trails to hike and slopes to ski given the country's size.
More to Explore

The Danube River is one of the world`s famous, most scenic, and most important rivers. It flows through ten countries, more than any other river in the world. 1,501 miles of it is navigable, making it the second-longest river in Europe. Whether you want to see the Danube via train, on your own terms with a self-drive, or as a passenger on one of the popular cruise boats, you are guaranteed an experience you will never forget.

Germany`s Romantic Road is a 261-mile scenic route through the forests and mountains of Bavaria and Baden-Württemberg. Its northern endpoint is Würzburg, a wine-region city known for the Residenz, an 18th-century baroque palace with a Tiepolo fresco. Your journey will take you through unspoiled nature, picturesque towns with city walls, towers, and half-timbered houses, hidden monasteries, medieval castles, and romantic hotels.

There are over 1,200 castles and chateaux in the Czech Republic, comprising a large number of the most-visited sights in the country. Perhaps the most famous of the Czech castles is Karlštejn Castle in the town of Karlštejn, located about 20 miles southwest of Prague; it was the longtime home of the crown jewels of the Kings of Bohemia. There are castles close to many major cities in the country, but you will find some of the most noteworthy in and around Prague, Ceské Budejovice, Ceský Krumlov, and Karlovy Vary.
Experiences & Adventure
Cuisines of Europe
European Cuisine is filled with variety throughout the European countries with classics like Pizza in Italy, Croissants in France, Wiener Schnitzel in Germany, Bangers and Mash in Great Britain, and so much more. These cuisines are not only delectable but they tell the story of the history, people, and traditions of each country.
Unesco World Heritage Sites of Europe
Europe contains some of the most fascinating, historic UNESCO World Heritage sites in the world with significant ones like the Sagrada Familia in Barcelona, Plitvice Lakes National Park in Croatia, Mont-Saint Michel in France, and The Buda Castle Quarter and Andrassy Avenue in Budapest. There are over 400 UNESCO World Heritage sites in Europe alone, and at least one can be found in every country. These highly significant cultural and natural sites include landmarks, monuments, national parks, towns, castles, palaces, and architectural wonders spread throughout Europe.

Central Europe, comprising Austria, Czech Republic, Germany and Hungary, has become one of the most sought-after regions on the continent. From admiring opulent architecture to pampering yourself at mountainside spas, Central Europe offers more than enough options for any traveler.
Vienna - Salzburg - Munich by Train
7 nights from $618*
Two City Itineraries:
Berlin and Prague by Train
6 nights from $349*
Vienna and Budapest by Train
6 nights from $649*
Vienna and Berlin by Air
6 nights from $454*
Salzburg and Vienna by Train
6 nights from $399*
Prague and Budapest by Train
6 nights from $392*
Prague and Vienna by Train
6 nights from $359*
Three City Itineraries:
Berlin - Dresden - Prague by Train
6 nights from $489*
Munich - Innsbruck - Salzburg by Train
More details
Zurich - Vaduz - Innsbruck
More details
Prague - Vienna - Salzburg by Train
6 nights from $498*
Munich - Salzburg - Vienna by Train
6 nights from $509*
In Depth City Itineraries:
Berlin - Prague - Vienna - Salzburg - Budapest by Train
10 nights from $1,105*
Castles and Cities (Self Drive)
8 nights from $559*
Berlin - Nuremberg - Vienna - Prague by Train
8 nights from $1,114*
Budapest - Vienna - Prague - Dresden - Berlin by Train
10 nights from $813*
Beautiful Central Europe (Berlin - Dresden - Prague - Bratislava - Budapest - Vienna) by Train
12 nights from $982*
Geneva and Lucerne - Vaduz - Zurich
10 nights from $1,923*

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