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canary islands: Point of Interest Map
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canary islands

Map of the Canary Islands
Major Islands of the Canaries
The largest of the Canary Islands, Tenerife is home to nearly a million people and just as many fun and unique travel experiences. Long popular with tourists, Tenerife is well-known for its carnival celebrations, which are among the largest in the world. Tenerife is great for a beach getaway and for sightseeing, as it is home to two UNESCO World Heritage Sites!
Gran Canaria
Gran Canaria is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the Canary Islands. Gran Canaria has long been a favorite with visitors because there are so many mini-climates and landscapes to explore here, making it more than just a fun-in-the-sun holiday. In addition to the varied landscapes, Gran Canaria is well-known for its archaeological discoveries and for its nightlife.
The second-largest island in the Canary Islands is Fuerteventura, and is popularly known for its emerald waters and white-sand beaches (over 90 miles of them, to be exact). Fuerteventura is the most popular island in the Canaries for water sports, as the water along the coast tends to be shallower and the waves are calmer.
Lanzarote has been a desirable tourist destination for generations because of its warm weather year-round and also for the calmness of its waters, making it a great choice for families. Lanzarote was borne from volcanic eruptions, and visitors can learn about these volcanoes at Timanfaya National Park, the only geology-specific national park in Spain.
La Gomera
La Gomera, the second-smallest of the main islands in the Canary archipelago, is marked by craggy volcanic mountains crisscrossed with hiking trails. Dense forests of ferns and moss-covered trees grow in the mists of Garajonay National Park. From deep ravines to scraggy hilltops and breathtaking views, there is no shortage of trails to conquer on your trip.
La Palma
Known as the Isla Bonita, La Palma is a visual masterpiece of deep ravines patterned with volcanic crags and lush enchanting forests. It is home to one of the largest volcanoes in Spain, the Cumbre Vieja. Due to the natural beauty of the island, La Palma is protected under a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve.
Experiences & Adventures

The Spanish Empire dates from 1492, and by 1516, the Kingdoms of Castile, Aragon, Navarre, and others were united under the Spanish crown. This is in addition to other storied kingdoms which existed pre-1516 in Spain`s current borders, such as Galicia, Leon, and the Almohad Caliphate. The cities in these regions are filled with thousands of years of history.

Spanish cuisine is very flavorful, and is a quintessential Mediterranean diet, befitting the world`s largest olive oil producer. Spain`s former colonies all over the world influenced the cuisine at home, in everything from tomato sauce to saffron. Today, the various regional staple delicacies represent history and tradition.

Tens of millions of people visit Spain each year, and many combine its picturesque cities, such as Madrid, with some of the most popular and beautiful beaches in the world. Whether you`re sunning yourself on the Mediterranean Costas, the Bay of Biscay shoreline, or on one of Spain`s gorgeous islands, you will find a vacation best suited to your needs.
More to Explore
The Azores
1,000 miles west of mainland Portugal, the warmth and beauty of the Azores envelop all five of visitors` senses. The Renaissance-era avenues of Ponta Delgada; the lush fields of Sao Miguel; Terceira Island, where UNESCO World Heritage-listed Angra do Heroismo is located; and rugged Faial Island, dotted by volcanoes, enthrall travelers.
Madeira Island
Madeira is a beautiful and fascinating island located 300 miles off the coast of Morocco that makes for a wonderful year-round holiday destination. Madeira offers stunning natural scenery, with massive mountains, jagged cliffs, lush forests and delightful flower gardens. The people of Madeira, an autonomous region of Portugal, are welcoming and hospitable.
Balearic Islands
The Balearic Islands (Mallorca, Menorca, Ibiza and Formentera) offer warm weather year-round. Collectively they are the most popular tourist destinations in Europe, if not the world. Mallorca, with its fine white-sand beaches, and Ibiza, with 130 miles of coastline, are the most popular islands, known for arguably the world`s best nightlife.
Cities in Spain
Spain and Beyond

Situated just off the southwestern coast of Morocco, the Canary Islands are a Spanish autonomous community that have been popular vacation destinations for decades. The archipelago includes eight major islands (Tenerife, Fuerteventura, Gran Canaria, Lanzarote, La Palma, La Gomera, El Hierro, and La Graciosa) plus many smaller islets. The Canary Islands offer breathtaking landscapes, a variety of native flora and fauna, beautiful beaches, lots of shopping and entertainment opportunities, and of course Spanish architectural influence and history, as the Canary Islands has been part of Spain since the 15th century.

Madrid and North Fuerteventura Island (Puerto del Rosario - Corralejo)
7 nights from $1,790*
Explore North Tenerife (Santa Cruz - Puerto de la Cruz - Santiago del Teide - Self Drive)
7 nights from $1,265*
Explore South Tenerife (Tenerife South - Playa de La Americas - Costa Adeje - Self Drive)
7 nights from $1,550*
Madrid - Gran Canaria Island - Tenerife Island by Air
More details
Las Palmas de Gran Canaria and Morro Jable by Ferry
More details
Las Palmas de Gran Canaria and Puerto del Rosario by Ferry
6 nights from $351*
Madrid - Barcelona and Santa Cruz de Tenerife
More details
Gran Canaria and Tenerife Islands by Air
6 nights from $306*
Gran Canaria and Tenerife Islands by Ferry
6 nights from $337*
Madrid and Gran Canaria Island - Tenerife Island
7 nights from $768*
Gran Canaria Island (Self Drive from Las Palmas to Playa del Ingles)
6 nights from $1,671*
Gran Canaria Island - Tenerife Island and Madrid
8 nights from $619*
Madrid and South Fuerteventura Island (Puerto del Rosario - Morro Jable)
7 nights from $1,685*

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