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amalfi coast and neapolitan riviera: Point of Interest Map
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amalfi coast and neapolitan riviera

Major Cities

Naples seems to encapsulate all the Italian Cliches, as the home of pizza, gelato, mandolin playing musicians and the mesmerizing, rust-red volcano, Vesuvius. Scratch the surface, however, and this is a city which is largely untouched by modern tourism, with plenty of art and history in its atmospheric streets.

Amalfi is an ideal base to explore the entire Amalfi Coast. You`ll find plenty of cultural attractions, as well as excellent tours and sightseeing trips amongst a plethora of multi-colored houses, sidewalk cafes and elegant shops.

Positano really is a dream. Colorful houses painted shades of pink, white, and yellow appear to cling tightly to the jagged mountain rock face that are actually very accessible through the narrow streets that snake their way up the steep mountainside.

Sorrento is a small city surrounded by a dreamy landscape of rolling hills, deep valleys, and the Lattari Mountains. It is a city filled with warmth, mazes of shop-filled lanes that invite visitors to peek into the true authentic Italian life and its views are regarded as some of the most beautiful in the world.

The awe-inspiring Mediterranean island of Capri boasts ancient ruins, white cube villages, and a rugged, rocky coastline. All this amongst glistening waters, seriously delicious food, and an elite crowd of visitors makes for the ideal framework for the famous Blue Grotto.

Ischia delights with its superb thermal spa gardens where you can spend the day dipping in and out of thermal pools in between swimming in the sea. Modern and well-equipped spas offer a wide range of curative and beauty treatments surrounded by the magical scenery of this wonderful island.
Areas of the Coast
Amalfi Coast
Declared one of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites for its undisputed beauty and the uniqueness of its natural landscape. Typical houses, painted in warm pastel colors, follow the natural slope of the foothills of Mounts Lattari, leaning against each other, creating a very picturesque landscape.
Neapolitan Riviera
Its coastline curves around the sun-soaked bays of Sorrento and Naples on Italy`s southwest coast. Inland, meanwhile, you`ll find ancient ruins like Pompeii and natural wonders like Mount Vesuvius. Cosmopolitan cities and rustic towns dot the coastline.
Bay of Naples
Its crescent-shape cuddles some true natural masterpieces; famous Capri, the spa haven of Ischia, and the tiny village like Procida. They offer a landscape of rare beauty molded by the wind, the sea and man.
Regions of Italy

Tuscany is famous for its hills and scenic hilltop towns. From all-time favourite San Gimignano and Cortona to lesser known gems like Massa Marittima, Pitigliano and Anghiari, each one has its own distinctive atmosphere.

The mild climate, the splendor of the coasts, the richness of its art and history, and the love for food make the Amalfi Coast and Neapolitan Riviera, the fascinating territory that it is.

Cinque Terre means Five Lands (in Italian), and this popular area offers five miles of rocky coast with five small villages (born in the 11th Century as fortresses) overlooking the sea, in the midst of two capes with hundreds of miles of beautiful paths.

Characterized by hills and historical towns, Umbria offers a union of art, nature, peace and calm, which is brought to climax in its Renaissance masterpieces and small medieval towns embedded in the hills.

The Italian Riviera is a spectacular coastline on the Ligurian Sea extending from the Italian-French border to Capo Corvo, near La Spezia and offering luxuriant mountains to the north and east, and the sapphire blue Mediterranean to the south and west with medieval hilltop hamlets, panoramic vistas, vibrant seaside villages and unspoiled beaches.

Adored by romantic poets as well as statesmen and royalty, the beautiful Italian lakes are stunning, with mountains that descend to meet the lakeshore and pretty lakeside towns. They are embedded with fishing villages, medieval castles, Renaissance palazzi and neoclassical villas, ancient ruins, and sumptuous gardens spilling right down the water's edge.

One of the pearls of Southern Italy, Sicily is the largest of the Italian islands, just off the "toe" of Italy's "boot." Sicily is rich in UNESCO World Heritage Sites: the archeological area of Agrigento, the famous Valley of the Temples, and Syracuse with the Necropolis of Pantalica.
Cities in Italy

The mild climate, the splendor of the coasts, the richness of its art and history, and the love for food make the Amalfi Coast and Neapolitan Riviera, the fascinating territory that it is. It offers a sea with intense colors and coasts packed with bays, coves and rock faces plus ancient pathways, some of which date back 2,000 years. Its mountains plunge steeply into a sea, creating charming coves, cliffs and small pebble beaches, plus terraces slope down towards the sea filled with citrus, olive trees and vines. Add to that incredibly beautiful towns and villages like Amalfi, Positano, Sorrento and out in the Bay, Capri and Ischia.
Venice - Florence - Rome and Amalfi
12 nights from $1,059*
Florence - Cinque Terre - Rome and Amalfi
12 nights from $1,329*
Florence - Rome - Pompeii - Sorrento - Naples
10 nights from $1,223*
Charms of Italy (Venice - Florence - Rome - Sorrento)
8 nights from $709*
Florence - Chianti Wine Region and Amalfi (Self Drive)
10 nights from $925*
Florence - Rome - Sorrento and Capri
13 nights from $1,610*
Florence - Southern Tuscany and Sorrento (Self Drive)
10 nights from $951*
Venice - Florence - Rome and Positano
12 nights from $2,488*
Naples - Amalfi - Sorrento - Naples
7 nights from $735*
Rome - Sorrento and Ischia
10 nights from $1,064*
Heavenly Italy and Switzerland by Train (Rome - Florence - Siena - Venice - Lucerne - Zurich)
12 nights from $1,070*
Highlights of Italy and France (Rome - Assisi - Venice - Florence - Nice - Paris)
12 nights from $1,322*
Amsterdam - Barcelona - Rome by Air
9 nights from $1,241*
Athens - Barcelona - Rome by Air
9 nights from $1,171*
Barcelona - Paris - Venice - Rome
11 nights from $981*

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