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Full of diversity, entrenched in history and blessed with spectacular landscapes, Eastern Europe offers something for everyone. From Croatia`s crystal-blue Adriatic seacoast to the haunted castles of Transylvania in Romania, medieval monasteries, and old-world towns, along with Roman ruins and sophisticated metropolitan area - This region has everything that you need for a fascinating vacation!

The Bulgarian Black Sea coast (called Chernomorie in Bulgarian) is one of the trendiest resort destinations in southeastern Europe. Once the playground of Communist Party loyalists and their families, today these resort towns rival the French and Italian rivieras. Many are `ancient cities,` having been settled as far back as five millennia.

The beautiful Balkan States contain 11 breathtaking countries comprising such as Albania, Croatia, Montenegro, and Romania just to name a few. The stunning region lies on the southeastern edge of the European continent sandwiched between four major Seas, The Black Sea, The Mediterranean, The Adriatic, and The Aegean. The Balkan Peninsula is bountiful in water and mountains making it a beautiful, vibrant, and diverse European destination filled with biodiversity, and endless opportunities for outdoor adventures.
Cities in Romania

Timisoara is considered Romania's most cosmopolitan city, with western European cultural influences and progressive aspirations. Believe it or not, this was the first European city to install street lighting, and the first to run off hydroelectric power. It was also the second European and the first city in Romania with horse drawn trams in 1867. Undoubtedly, it is surnamed "Little Vienna" because the entire city center consists of buildings built in the Kaiser era, which reminds one much of the old Vienna. Moreover, the beautiful old city consists of historic city quarters with several historic squares and proms. As a matter of fact, these are: Cetate, Iosefin, Elisabetin, Fabric. Numerous stylish bars, clubs and restaurants have opened in the old center in the fine old baroque square.
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