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St Petersburg Vacations

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St Petersburg
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Full of diversity, entrenched in history and blessed with spectacular landscapes, Eastern Europe offers something for everyone.

The traditional way to see Europe and a wonderful way for first-timers to experience Eastern Europe.

You will always have London and Paris and we won't take that away from you. After all, if this is your first trip to Europe, there is no better choice than London and Paris. But why not throw in another city, for a change? Hop on a short flight to Amsterdam, Prague, Rome, Barcelona, Madrid, Venice, Berlin, or Dublin. You won't regret it.
Cities in Russia

Founded by Tsar Peter the Great in 1703 as a "window to Europe," Saint Petersburg served as the capital of the Russian Empire for more than two hundred years. Nowadays it became a major European cultural center, and the most important Russian port on the Baltic. The city center is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The main tourist attractions are: the Hermitage, the Mariinsky Theatre, and the Russian Museum. The most famous inhabitants of this city were Dostoyevski, Pushkin, Tschajkovski, and Tcherniavski.

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Paris and St Petersburg by Air
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Helsinki - St Petersburg - Moscow by Air
6 nights from $982*
Incredible Northern Europe
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Little Tour of Russia (Escorted)
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Moscow - St Petersburg - Budapest by Air
6 nights from $7,500*
Northern Delights
14 nights from $1,805*
Copenhagen and St Petersburg by Air
6 nights from $1,055*
Prague and St. Petersburg by Air
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Tallin - St. Petersburg - Moscow by Air
9 nights from $1,003*
Warsaw - Tallin - St Petersburg - Moscow by Air
8 nights from $1,138*

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