How do I get from the airport to my hotel?

The Bahrain International Airport is located about 5 miles away from the city center on the nearby Muharraq Island. This is a premier airport hub in the Middle East located in the Northern Persian Gulf between Saudi Arabia and Iran.

If you have not booked a private transfer with us you have a few options for connecting from the airport to the city center including taxis, rental cars, and buses.

What types of transportation can I find at the airport?

Taxis are readily available at the airport and can be found outside the main terminal of the Arrivals Hall in the ground transportation area. The ride takes around 15 minutes to reach the city center and will cost around BD6. Taxis are white and orange in Bahrain.

Five bus lines connect from the airport to the city, buses are found outside the main terminal at the Arrivals Hall in the ground transportation area. There are lines A1, A2, Line 10, 11, and 12 that connect to different areas of the city, and typical bus fare is around 0.3 BD.

There are several rental car companies found at the airport including international names like Avis, Budget, Hertz, and Enterprise. The rental car office is found in the Arrivals Hall on the ground level of the main terminal.

How do I get around the city using public transportation?

The main form of transportation in Manama is buses with a large fleet of buses run by Man buses the Ministry of Transportation. The bus routes are extensive and extend across Bahrain and Manama with daily service from Khobar in Saudi Arabia to the bus terminal in Manama. The buses run daily connecting major towns and residential areas starting at 6 am and ending at 9 pm with buses every 15 minutes. Bus fares BD0.200.

Should I rent a car in Manama?

Renting a car when visiting Manama is a great way to explore the city and surrounding area. Manama connects to Saudi Arabia via the King Fahd Causeway (however the border cannot be crossed by rental car or without a driver`s license). Driving around the city is simple and parking is free all over Bahrain, all foreign drivers must have an International Driving Permit.

How do I call/hail a taxi?

There are taxis available in Manama, but they can be expensive, however other than buses or a rental car they are the only way to get around. It is advised to ask the driver to always use the meter and agree on a price before taking a ride. Fares begin at BD1.000 and increase by BD0.200 every 0.6 miles and a typical fare for a ride around the city can cost at least BD5-10.

Is Manama a walking city?

The city of Manama is pretty small, but it's not a walking city with a lot of traffic and not many sidewalks built for pedestrians. It is also extremely hot during the summer and walking around can be unbearable, stay hydrated and don`t go out during a dust storm.

Can I ride a bike in Manama?

There are many hotels in the city of Manama that have bicycles to offer for rent for their guests. Bicycle paths in the city do not exist, but pavements are used.

Can I take a ferry ride in Manama?

Three boat services are offered in Manama and are all available to the general public. The small Qalat Bu Mahir ferry transports passengers from Bahrain National Museum to the fort and two other services take passengers to Al Dar Islands and the Hawar Islands.

Is Manama a dangerous city, is there anything I should be aware of?

Manama is remarkably safe and the Cape Verde archipelago is considered to be a safe holiday destination. The crime rate is relatively low and crimes against visitors are practically unheard of but petty theft is becoming more common in the built-up areas. Keep your wits about you and practice street smarts when out sightseeing.

What are some popular areas for shopping?

The Manama Souq, Bab Al Bahrain is a multi-ethnic market and the best-known shopping destination in the city. It means the `gateway to Bahrain` where shoppers can find everything from thobes (long gowns worn by men), Arabain sweet shops, quaint cafes, and Indian restaurants. The souq is filled with souvenir shops where visitors can pick up unique traditional items, there are spice shops and fabric shops too.

Gold in Bahrain is some of the best in the entire world, there is an abundance of gold shops dotted along `temple lane` in the Mamama souq where pure 22 and 25-carat gold can be purchased. Gold City is another building where several souqs are under one roof with many selling modern and traditional diamond and pearl-studded gold jewelry.

There are many modern shopping malls in Manama, many located near Government Avenue and near the Sheikh Khalifa Bin Salman Highway near the waterfront.

Where can I visit the beaches?

There are several beaches worth exploring on Bahrain Island including Marassi Al Bahrain which offers guests a beach resort-like location with an abundance of water sport activities options and the place where the hottest parties, live Dj sets and fairs take place. Jazair Beach is the perfect beach location for snorkeling with a park, waterpark, and the Bahrain International Circuit found nearby. Jazair beach is also home to the famous Bahrain Sailing Club. The Ritz Carlton Beach is a member-only stretch of sand with pristine waters and a luxurious resort experience for its guests. The beach sweeps around a gorgeous blue lagoon where a private marina stands and many watersport activities can be enjoyed.

What is the best time to visit Manama?

Manama features a tropical desert-like climate with extreme climatic conditions, summers are hot, humid, and dry with average daily temperatures in the triple digits and dry cold winters with average temperatures of 45 degrees and even hail storms. The average temperatures for the summer and winter seasons generally range from around 63 degrees to about 93 degrees. The best time to visit is during autumn when warm sunny temperatures and soft breezes are abundant.

I don`t speak Arabic will there be many people who speak English?

The official language spoken on Bahrain Island is Arabic. English is widely spoken throughout the country in hotels, restaurants, and other tourist-related areas. We recommend that you get a good English - Arabic guidebook and familiarize yourself with common phrases such as hello, goodbye, please, thank you, excuse me, and numbers 1 - 10.

What is the currency? Can I pay/tip in US dollars?

The currency of Bahrain is the Bahraini Dinar, BHD, or BD. US Dollars are not accepted, we advise you to exchange your dollars for Dinars before arriving on the Island. There are exchange counters at international airports, and banks found in the main cities on the island.

For more detailed information, consult our guide to tipping in Bahrain

What is the food like?

The cuisine offered in Manama is a mixture of influences and ingredients from the Middle East, and Southeast Asia. A diverse selection of dining options can be found all around the city with Michelin-starred restaurants, to budget family-run eateries and cheap Indian curries including Bahraini machboos spicy chicken and rice along with delicious shawarma. Many of the curry restaurants can be found around the Manama Souq area and upscale 5-star restaurants are found in the classy Adiya area.

What is the nightlife like?

Manama offers a bustling nightlife scene with the main areas to explore at night being Adliya, Hoora, Juffair, and Business District. Unlike most destinations in the Middle East, liquor is legal in Manama and the vibrant nightlife in the city can be enjoyed in lively bars, pumping nightclubs and upscale cocktail lounges.

A unique highlight in Bahrain is Friday brunch which begins around noon and lasts for three hours involving a vast buffet, live cooking stations, live entertainment, and drinks.

What should I do if I need medical assistance or need to go to the hospital?

In case of an emergency dial 112, for police and fire dial 999, and dial 998 for an ambulance.


Middle East Hospital tel. 973-1736-2233

American Mission Hospital tel. 973-1717-7711

Bahrain Specialist Hospital tel. 973-1781-2222