Hora (Naxos Town)

Hora, or Naxos Town, is the charming capital city located on the port. There are two distinct neighborhoods here, Bourgos, where the Greeks lived, and Kastro, where the Roman Catholics lived. It also has two main beaches, one safe and sandy, great for families with young children, and one great for water sports.

Agios Prokopios

If you are a beach lover, the beach Agios Prokopios is the best play to stay. The coastal tourist resort is located just outside of Naxos town (3 miles away) on the western coast and boasts almost a mile of soft sand a turquoise waters. Towards the south end of the beach is where the seafront restaurants and cafes are located. The village has about 250 permanent residents. Visitors have many options of accommodations along the beach.


Apollanos is a beautiful fishing village lined with tavernas and a sandy waterfront. It is located 22 miles outside of Naxos Town, the island`s capital, on the northeast coast. This area is perfect for those that prefer a quieter base. The local highlight is the half-finished giant statue of Dionysus in a nearby quarry. In the old days, this port served as the export of Naxian marble and remnants of the ancient port have been found at Marmara.

Today, the town offers picturesque whitewashed houses located behind an attractive small sandy beach which stretches on into a larger beach strewn with white egg-like pebbles offering a palette of gold, white and blue expanse of the sea. The beach is lined with taverns, tourist shops and a mini-market, there are also rooms to let, hotels, taveranas and cafes. It is a great base for exploring the surrounding area with its unique sights.