Day 1 in Rimini

Welcome to Rimini, one of Europe`s very biggest seaside resorts, with a nine-mile beach and an unending choice of leisure diversions. Upon arrival, you will go through customs and immigration. Make your transfer to your destination, arrive at your hotel, check in and do not give in to jet lag! There is so much for you to see and do.

Start your afternoon by exploring the city. Admire all the beautiful buildings at Rimini`s main square Piazza Cavour. The most modern building is the neoclassical theater Amintore Galli from 18th century. The statue of Pope Paul V and the round Pigna fountain dominate this large square. There`s also the Palazzo dell`Arengo, the town hall, on the one side and the old fish market is held on the other side of the square. This area is also home to a range of cafes and restaurants making it a perfect stop to enjoy a delicious lunch.

Continue on exploring more of the area. Admire Rimini`s broad Corso di Aususto (street) that runs straight through the center of the old town, as it has since Roman times; from the Arco d`Augusto, through the Forum (now Piazza Tre Martiri). The street has several shops and boutiques and is the popular shopping area of town, it`s also where you can find the posh brands such as Gucci, Prada, Armani and the like. This is a great spot to pick up some local souvenirs.

Rimini has a number of religious buildings, but none as impressive or renowned as the Malatesta Temple, making it a worthwhile stop to admire. This cathedral was constructed in the 9th century and was believed to be completed in the 1400`s. Located on Via IV Novembre, the cathedral looks almost finished, but it is clear that there should be a central tower on the front façade, but instead there is a gap and an exposed brick wall. The interior offers a number of religious artifacts and decorations to discover. There is also beautiful marble and stucco artwork on the walls, columns and arches.

Continue strolling to the Pote di Tiberio, a Roman bridge complete in AD, during the reign of Tiberius. The bridge spans the Marecchia River and marks the entrance to the Via Aemilian. Its five arches span the Marecchia River, known in ancient times as the Ariminus. Today the bridge is a symbol of the city and is also featured on its coat of arms.

Head back over the bridge, and take a peak in the Museo della Città, the city museum, (Via Luigi Tonini), it`s a short walk from the Ponte di Tiberio and Piazza Tre Martiri. Check out the interesting archaeology and ancient history. Particularly impressive here is a display of beautiful Roman Mosaics, ancient coins and glassware, and even archaic surgical equipment. There is also a wondering display of Renaissance artwork and some renowned masterpieces from artists such as Bellini.

Make your way to Borgo San Giuliano, a quaint former fishing village with pretty cottages colored in pastel hues and stone-paved streets. Highlights of this quarter are the painted scenes and designs that adorn some of the walls. Many of these portray scenes and events from the lives of fishermen. It`s a quaint area to stroll through, especially in the evening and there are many casual and traditional dining options available.

Finish off your exploration of the historic center at the Piazza Tre Martiri, a lively area that is home to some historic moments in Rimini`s history. To the southern end of the square is the remarkable Tempietto di Sant Antonio and the Chiesa Dei Paolotti. At the other end is a plethora of shops and high-end restaurants and cafes. This is a great spot to enjoy dinner while admiring the stunning design and magnificent architecture of the square while taking in the lively vibe.

If you came here to enjoy the nightlife of Rimini, you`re in luck! The coast of Rimini and Riccione has perhaps the highest number of night clubs in Italy. The locals in town typically start out at Rimini`s seaside bars and then head to the clubs and discos. They clubs don`t get going until midnight and stay open to the wee hours of the morning.

Day 2 in Rimini

Wake up early today, grab your bathing suit and get out to what Rimini is best known for, the beaches! The small coast city has a beautiful stretch of golden beach that is packed full of amenities and is lined with a selection of high quality hotels.

Southeast of Rimini, another set of sandy beaches that are a popular stop on the Riviera del sole is in Riccione, one of the Italy`s most popular holiday resorts. And aside from the beaches, Riccione is also known for its natural thermal springs and its spa retreats. This is a great place to go and truly relax and rejuvenate! In addition, the town also offers a wide variety of active sports to choose from such as sailing, water-skiing, riding, surfing, and tennis.

After working on your tan all day, grab a drink at one of the beach front bars or restaurants. Then head over to the Wheel of Rimini to take in the scenic vista of the city and the ocean beyond. The Ferris wheel will take you up to the top for a few seconds and pauses to allow a prime picture of the entire area.

As night falls, begin with cocktails down by the beach, or at the historic center before heading to one of the many restaurants offering up delicious cuisine in town. For a big night out, take a taxi to one of Rimini`s superclubs, a few miles outside of town.

Additional Days in Rimini

Should you be able to spend additional days in Remini continue exploring the sights of the area. The miniature amusement park is a fun attraction for all ages. Here you`ll find displays of beautifully detailed models of famous structures in Italy. There are over 200 miniature models including the Coliseum, the leaning tower of Pisa, and Florence Cathedral. There is also a train that will allow guests to travel the entire park and check out all the exhibits, as well as a restaurant onsite.

Another fun museum to check out is the Museo Nazionale del Motocilo. This museum is dedicated to the motorcycle and its place in Italian culture, located a short distance from the airport. Inside, there are close to 200 rare and restored motorbikes in the museum from various points in history. You`ll find Ducati, Harley Davidson, Honda, and many more here along with vintage photos and clippings, especially of the Misano circuit track event of the MotoGP nearby that has been going on since 1972.

Your Last Day In Rimini

Depart your hotel for the airport for your return home. We recommend that you purchase a private transfer, if so a representative will meet you at the hotel in time to take you to the airport for your flight out.