The easiest way to get around Bologna is on fooT. There are over 24 miles of covered medieval porticos - beautiful architectural structures worthy of seeing on their own - line the streets around the Centro Storico (historic center) and invite casual strolling. Walking is a great way to see the city.

The starting point for all your walking adventures should be Piazza Maggiore. From here, follow the winding laneways east towards Quadrilatero and the Asinelli towers, north towards Ghetto Ebraico and the secret canals, or south towards Piazza Cavour and park Giardina Margherita.

By Public Transportation

City buses, operated by TPER (Trasporto Passeggeri Emilia-Romagna;, leave for most points from Piazza Nettuno or Piazza Maggiore in the city center and the train station. You can buy tickets at one of many booths and tabacchi in Bologna for about €1.30 (valid for 75 minutes) or €1.50 if bought on board. A day ticket valid until midnight on the day of validation costs around €5; a city pass, a single ticket that allows 10 rides, costs about €12. Once on board, you must validate your ticket or you`ll be fined.

By Bicycle

Bikes are very popular among the people of Bologna. They are available for rent on various location around the city (Dynamo, the bicycle parking station, can be found nearby the train station). You can ride on the many bike trails and on the side of the road. Be sure to lock them safely with a good lock, as they get stolen all around town, especially around the University.

Exploring the city by bicycle is one of the best ways to get a feel for the areas you`d like to explore more, and see much more than you ever will on foot. Taking an organized bicycle tour with a knowledgably guide is another great way to get some great information about the city. The Dynamo bike center along Via dell`Indipendenza runs a 2-hour guided bike tour that`s a great bike tour and history lesson all in one.

By Car

We don’t recommending driving while visiting Bologna. If you do visit Bologna with a car you will need to know that there is a Limited Traffic Zone (ZTL), a large area located within the historical center of town where circulation of motor vehicles is restricted from 7am to 8pm daily. The entrances to the ZTL area are monitored by Sirio `the electronic traffic warden`. Visitors are provided with special access to hotel facilities (including bed and breakfast), public garages and repair shops of the Limited Traffic Zone.

Be aware that rental cars do not include daily passes within the Limited Traffic Zone. Cameras within the city wall will send the fine to the car company which will rely the charges back to you. Many car rental companies will charge an additional administration fee as a result.