By Foot

Many of the sights and attractions found inside the Wadi Rum desert will be reached on foot. Although a vehicle is needed to get you around, for the most part, the first set of campsites are located a 1-2 hour hike away from the Wadi Rum Village. Four-wheel drive vehicles can be hired to take you around the desert, stopping at the main attractions where you walk and hike from there. The stunning desert scenery here is filled with mountains and giant rock formations with several high peaks, the highest soaring 6,000 feet above sea level. There are many hiking and climbing possibilities in the desert, especially in the low season when it is a little cooler.

By 4 Wheel Drive

There are no private vehicles allowed past the village of Wadi Rum, the main ways to explore the massive desert are by hiring a guide who will take you by 4x4 or camel ride into the desert to see the sights. Most of the tours will take a circular route through the desert and wadis and return to the visitor's center. There are options to drive your vehicle to the village and park there to proceed on foot which can be very hot and hard work.

By Camel Ride

Camels are referred to as `the Ships of the Desert` and are an important part of the local Bedouin life in the Wadi Rum desert. They are fascinating animals allowing the locals to make long journeys through the desert. Taking a camel ride to explore the massive grounds of Wadi Rum is a great experience and many tours are offered in the desert. There are full-day camel treks offered that start early in the morning and shorter treks that can be taken anytime during the day, most start and finish at the Wadi Rum Village.

By Hot Air Balloon

Taking an early morning hot air balloon ride over the stunning sights and landscapes of the Wadi Rum desert is a once in a lifetime opportunity. Many of the hot air balloon tours are offered at sunrise providing passengers with some of the most spectacular, mind-blowing experience with views of the majestic mountains and sandstone structures spread throughout the desert floor. We recommend you try this unique experience when visiting Wadi Rum. The hot air balloon flights are offered to visitors who are either staying overnight in the desert or plan a trip with pick up from your hotel in the area.