By Walking

Most things to see are near or within the Boulevards, the half-moon of avenues where there were once 16th-century city walls. This old town center, with a diameter of about 1 mile, can be walked, and there is also excellent public transport. The center is densely signposted to aid those discovering it on foot.

By Public Transportation

Most of Antwerp`s main attractions are withing walking distance of each other. If you`re exploring beyond the Old Town, the city is well served by public transportation, with an extensive, efficient and regular bus and metro network run by D Lijn ( A few tram lines run partly underground; this is referred to as the Metro system. Useful trams for visitors are 2 and 15, which run between Groenplaats, at the heart of the Old Town, and the Centraal (railway) station. Most bus lines also begin outside Centraal station.

Options are single tickets (valid for any journey within one hour, SMS tickets (cheaper and ordered via your mobile phone), a 10-ticket Lijn card, a one-day pass, a three-day pass or a five-day pass. These are available from the tourist office and a public transport kiosk inside Centraal station, as well as authorized sellers throughout the city (i.e. supermarkets, gas stations, newspaper stores, etc). You may also purchase a ticket from the direr, but it`s chaper to buy them in advance.

Taking the bus isn’t really a practical way to get around the city center. It`s better to take the bus when you plan on visiting neighboring boroughs and towns.

By Taxi

Taxis are available, but they can be quite expensive. They await customers at specific locations around town (waving your hand will seldom work) such as the Groenplaats or the railway station. You can recognize these places by an orange TAXI sign. The prices are fixed in the taximeter. Between 10pm and 6am an additional fee is added to all fares.

By Car

Driving around Antwerp can be both frustrating and intimidating. Not only is the center of the Old Town off limits to cars, but the narrow, cobbled streets surrounding it are a labyrinth of one way systems.

Then there are the trams, which can be a dangerous distraction for motorists who are unfamiliar with sharing the road. Add this to the bikes, buses and expensive parking and you can see why it is not recommended to drive.

There are a few free parking spaces, but many spaces where you have to pay (on the street or in underground car parks). The underground car parks are well-signposted. The prices are typically around €2 per hour. If you must have a car, we recommend booking a hotel outside the city center and parking it there.

If you plan to explore outside the city, you may consider a car rental. There are car rentals available at the airport and in town.

By Bicycle

Cycling is a favored method of transport for locals, and they keep a brisk pace in the city`s cycle lanes. There are number places to rent bikes throughout the city. Many hotels also have bicycles available to their guests.

Velo-Antwerpen: Antwerp`s extensive bike-sharing system works very smoothly, with thousands of bikes at more than 100 stations. Memberships can be purchased with a Mastercard or Visa credit (but not debit) card online, at the office or through the app. Use the key code to release a bike, then return it at any other stand within 30 minutes. If the stand where you want to leave the bike is full, enter your code and you`ll receive extra minutes to find another. Stands are plentiful, but occasionally it can be hard to find a bike near the train station, or to drop one on Saturday night around KMSKA. The phone app has an interactive map showing where bikes and spaces are available. When depositing the bicycle, type in your code again to ensure that the return was duly registered as accepted. Late fees start around €0.50 for up to 30 minutes and rise to €150 for 24 hours, or €400 if you fail to report a loss.

The city has many special areas for cyclists, and cycling is easy and comfortable in Antwerp. Most one-way roads can be accessed both ways. Make sure to lock your bike to a fixed object, however, or it will be stolen! Around town there are a few places that are specially prepared for hosting bicycles for free.