The best time to visit Slovenia varies by region. Most of the country can be enjoyed from late spring through mid-to-late autumn. Many people assume that the summer would be the best time to visit, and it is a good time, but it is also a time that many Slovenians take their vacations, so many tourist attractions end up crowded not just with international tourists but domestic visitors as well. The shoulder seasons of April-May and September-October are great times to visit because crowds are thinner, prices are a tad lower than in the summer, and temperatures are more mild. Winter can be bitterly cold throughout most of the country, but December through March is a great time to visit the ski resorts in the Alpine northwest and in Styria. Slovenia offers lots of options for visiting travelers no matter the time of year. In the pages below, we`ll break down what to expect by season as far as weather, holidays, and closures are concerned.