By Walking

The city walls keep out most of the cars, leaving a relaxed inner city for people to enjoy by foot. People also aren`t rushing to the next huge attraction, you`ll mostly find locals enjoying the Italian pace of life. Make sure to walk through the beautiful park built on top of the medieval walls.

By Public Transportation

The main public transportation options for travel within the city are taxis. Trains and busses are available for transportation outside of the city.

Taxis are available within Lucca, but because of the city`s small size, they are not generally used within the city. Taxi Lucca is one company offering service in the city, and can be reached at (0583/494989).

Busses and trains are the best options for commuting via public transportation to other areas of Tuscany. The train station in Lucca is located on the south side of town in Piazza Ricasoli, two blocks outside the ramparts.

The bus station in Lucca is located next to the tourist office in the city. General information about routes, schedules and fares can be found locally.

By Taxi

Lucca is a fairly small town, and getting around within its walls is not very difficult as most places are accessible by foot. However sometimes walking is not an option, and in these situations taxis are great options. Taxi Lucca is one company offering service in the city, and can be reached at (0583/494989). It is very rare to catch a cab on the side of the street, so calling ahead of time to arrange for a ride is recommended. Hotels, restaurants, and bars will be happy to call for you. Fares are regulated, and based on the meter, so negotiating about price is not required. Fares will quickly grow large if planning on traveling far outside of the city. In these situations, consider other modes of transportation like renting a car.

By Bicycle

Lucca provides great options to travel by bike. One of the most famous bike routes around the city is actually atop its 2.5 mile ancient city walls. However, biking is hardly necessary for the old city as it is so compact, but helpful if you have accommodations further out of town.

For bike rentals, check with your hotel to see if they have bicycles you can use. If you`re only in Lucca for a day trip, you can rent bikes outside the train station at Tourist center Lucca`s Bike Rental. Prices run about €2.5 per hour or €10 per day. One hour will take you around the ramparts a couple of times.

By Car

If you come to Lucca by car you will find several options for parking both outside and inside the city walls. Most of these parking areas are paid parking lots, but outside the old city center you may also find some free ones. The free parking is located outside the city wall, close to the ex hospital building and in the area of Giannotti (except the whole month of September, during which the large parking area is completely taken up by the famous Lucca Fanfair). These parking area quite close to the old center of the city, so if you feel like walking to the city walls, it will be a pleasant and short stroll - about 10-15 minutes. In alternative, all the outside areas are well connected to the center by city buses. Bus rides are frequent and a 70 minute ticket costs about €1.20. Tickets may be also purchased directly on the bus, but costs €2.