Walking is a great way to get around and savor Siena. Don`t worry about busy traffic, because most of the streets in Siena only allow pedestrians. Walking around in this ancient stone-build city will allow you to visit quite a few wonderful points of interest. One thing to note is that the city is hillier than it looks. If you are tired of the hills, check to see if you can get to your destination by walking along a ridge, rather than going in a straight line down a hill and back up.

By Bus

Siena isn`t on a major trainline so buses are generally your best bet. The bus station is very central, located on Piazza Gramsci. Google maps shows the location of each of the bus stops within the city. There are several small buses (Pollicino) that cover some streets located in the center and several bus lines to and from the outskirts of town. Bus tickets cost about €1.50 per ticket when bought at kiosks/tabacchi but are more expensive when bought from the driver.

By Taxi

The main taxi rank is on Piazza Matteotti. Tipping is not expected.

By Train

Siena is not on a major train line, so buses are generally a better bet. To get to Siena by train from Florence will take about an hour and a half. This route runs frequently every day. If you`re coming from Pisa you may have to change trains at Empoli. There are also trains once or twice an hour from Rome (3-4 hours), though they always require a train change either at Chiusi/Chianciano Terme or Grosseto.

The Siena train station is about a mile northeast from the historic center of the city. You can take a local bus into the city center. The walk is pretty much all uphill.