City Center

The city center hotels offer a great location for being within a convenient distance to the main railway station and public transportation, useful for reaching other landmarks such as the Swiss Miniatur, the Mount San Giorgio and the Generoso Mount Parks. This central location allows easy access to the squares, arcades, parks, and attraction, as well as restaurants and shopping. These hotels are amidst the natural beauty that the area boasts, and close to the bustle and liveliness of the city, as well as close by to Lake Lugano. Much of the city center is pedestrian-only, so you`ll find just walking in this area works best for getting around, although times the streets can be steep).


Most of the hotels located in the outskirts of the city are within a reasonable walk to the center of town, or within easy reach of public transportation. We recommend to double check the location of any of the outskirt hotels. Staying in the outskirts can be a good way to get the most out of a limited budget, provided your plans are a bit flexible. Just make sure you have good public transportation connections close to the hotel so you can still get around with ease.