Turkey is a country that can be enjoyed year-round, but many people tend to visit in the high season. For Istanbul and Cappadocia, the high season begins in the month of April, and for the rest of the country it starts by the beginning of June. Between the months of April and June, the country warms up, dries out and enjoys lots of sunshine after a four-to-five-month rainy season. Tulips will bloom in April in Istanbul, and hot air balloons take to the skies in Cappadocia around the same time. By the time summer rolls around, most of the country sees larger crowds at museums, historic sites and other points of interest, while temperatures in some parts of the country, like Istanbul and Cappadocia, might become too hot for some travelers, slowing tourism down a tad in those areas. The shoulder season, in September and October, bridges the high and low seasons for nearly the entire country in one fell swoop. Wintertime brings cold weather to most of the country, save for the Turquoise Coast, and ski season begins by December in Bursa, Ankara, and in the east of the country. Whether you decide to stay on the Aegean Coast or the Black Sea coast, in Istanbul or Ankara, or on Mount Uludag or Mount Ararat, Turkey offers a variety of unique experiences for the discerning traveler.