On foot

Dubrovnik`s Old Town is very easily walkable. In fact, all of the Old Town is pedestrianized, so if you want to see the sights in this neighborhood, you are going to walk. We would recommend comfortable walking shoes so you can wander down the streets and alleys to your heart`s content. The town walls are also walkable, which give beautiful views of the Old Town and waterfront below. The only neighborhood adjacent to the Old Town that is particularly walkable is Ploce, to the east. If you want to see any sights further afield, or if you want to go to Lapad and Gruz from the Old Town, we recommend public or private transport.

By taxi and rideshare

Taxis are available in all areas outside the Old Town. Not only are there automobile taxis, there are water taxis, which are used when people who want to island-hop to Lokrum Island or the Elaphite Islands, or when people want to travel from Lapad to the Old Town`s harbor. If you want to request a water taxi, you can ask the local taxi companies more information about this service. As far as automobile taxis are concerned, it is not particularly common for people to hail taxis from the street, although it can be met with middling degrees of success if you absolutely cannot go to a taxi rank or call ahead for a cab.

There are taxi ranks outside the arrivals hall at Dubrovnik Airport, outside Pile and Ploce Gates, near the post office in Lapad, and at the bus and ferry terminals in Gruz. To call for a taxi when you are in Dubrovnik, dial 0800 1441 or 0800 970. If you want to reserve a taxi from outside the city, dial +385 98 725 769 or +385 20 332 222. Fares from the Old Town to Lapad and Gruz start at 75 to 100 kunas, while a fare from Dubrovnik Airport to Ploce Gate will average around 250 kunas. Prices increase on nights, weekends, public holidays, and depending on the number of bags handled.

Ridesharing services such as Uber, and the Croatia-specific UberBOAT, are also available in Dubrovnik.

By bicycle

Bicycle rides are not particularly common or recommended in Dubrovnik, where the terrain is hilly, the Old Town is crowded and not particularly conducive to bicycle riding, and the roads outside the Old Town are more geared toward automobiles. If you want to rent a bike, there is one option in Dubrovnik, called Adventure Dubrovnik (Sveti Kriza 3, +385 99 336 1336, www.adventuredubrovnik.com). Bike rentals start at 200 kunas per day, with a minimum of three days.

By bus

The Dubrovnik bus system is operated by Libertas Dubrovnik (www.libertasdubrovnik.hr/en). There are twelve lines operating in Dubrovnik, with additional bus service connecting Dubrovnik to other locales in South Dalmatia, and also limited service on the islands of Mljet and Sipan. Eight of the twelve routes stop at Pile Gate, which is the local bus service`s hub. Here are the routes you will most likely encounter:

- Route 1abc - Mokosica (the ACI Marina Dubrovnik) to Pile Gate, with a stop at the Dubrovnik Main Bus Station.
- Route 4 - Hotel Palace (western Lapad) to Pile Gate.
- Route 7 - Kantafig (north of the Dubrovnik Main Bus Station) to Babin Kuk. Stops at the Main Bus Station, Port of Dubrovnik, Lapad, and Babin Kuk.
- Route 8 - Viktorija (eastern Ploce neighborhood) to Gruz.

For a full route map, including timetables, visit www.libertasdubrovnik.hr/lines-map. One-way tickets start at 15 kunas.

By the Cable Car

The Dubrovnik Cable Car holds 16 people per car and takes people from the corner of Ulica Kralja Petra Kresimira IV and Lokrumska ulica, northeast of the Old Town, up to Srd hill, adjacent to Fort Imperial. It is a trip of approximately a half-mile and the rise in elevation from the city to Srd is approximately 1,300 feet. The cable car is open from 9 a.m. until 4 or 5 p.m. in the winter, and until midnight in the summer. Tickets cost approximately 150 kunas per person. Tickets can be bought with cash or credit cards at the cable car stations themselves. For more information, visit www.dubrovnikcablecar.com.

By car

A car is not particularly needed if you are going to visit Dubrovnik and its immediate environs. Buses, taxis, car hire, and ferries can take you most anywhere you want to go in South Dalmatia if you want to explore outside the city. You won`t be able to take your car inside the Old Town anyway, since it is pedestrianized, and parking is available along the perimeter but the parking costs can rack up by the hour and it can be a hassle to find a space. If you want to rent a car to explore the region, you can still do so when you confirm your booking information with TripMasters. You will be picking up your car at Dubrovnik Airport, and not in Dubrovnik proper.