Scotland is a country of bonnie (great) natural beauty. Whether you want to explore the Orkney and Shetland Islands, the peaks of the Highlands and the Cairngorms, the lush green valleys around the numerous firths (inlets) along the coast, or the bustling cities of Edinburgh and Glasgow (just to name a few), you will be constantly mesmerized by what you see and experience while on vacation in Scotland.

Scotland`s weather pattern tends to be wetter in the west than in the east. The west sees an average of 265 days of rain per year, while the eastern coast only sees about 165 days of rain per year. Temperatures tend to stay within the same five-degree temperature range in the south of the country, while the north is a few degrees colder. The Shetland Islands, regulated by the Atlantic trade winds, are cool year-round but not as cold as the mainland at night. The shoulder seasons, which occur between the middle of March and early June, as well as in October, are the ideal times to visit Scotland, although you will find many things to do, see and enjoy any month of the year. In this guide, we`ll let you know what to expect as far as weather, holidays and festivals are concerned.