Day 1 in Trapani

Welcome to the Trapani! Upon arrival, you will go through customs and immigration. Make your transfer to your destination, arrive at your hotel, check in and do not give in to jet lag! There is so much for you to see and do.

Begin your afternoon in the pleasant Old Town, a nice place to take a stroll with a beautiful network of lively and atmospheric alleyways and narrow streets that are both picturesque and historic. Take some time to enjoy lunch at one of the small family run restaurants that serve delicious regional dishes.

After lunch, set off down the main street, Corso Vittorio Emanuele, pedestrian-only, this lovely road runs straight through the old town to the sea. Its eastern end is crowned by the Palazzo Senatorio, built in 1672, it is adjacent to a 13th-century bell tower, this building in now Trapani`s town hall. While you wander make sure to take in the different architectural styles of the buildings, from the Arabian to the medieval, and Baroque.

At sunset, make your way to the port area located right at the edge of town. The marina is on a piece of land that juts into the Tyrrhenian Sea and points like the tip of an arrow aimed directly at the Aegadian Islands. This is a perfect area to enjoy a stroll in the early evening while the sun is setting.

Head back into town to enjoy a relaxing dinner before heading back to your hotel for a restful night sleep.

Day 2 in Trapani

Wake up early today to catch a ferry over to Favignana, just about a 30 minute boat ride. This island is the largest of the islands that are part of the Aegadian Archipelago (Favignana, Levanzo and Marettimo), famous for its glorious beaches, as well as tuna fishing and calcarenite rock formations.

Once you arrive in port, start your discovery of the island by wandering around the wonderful little town, which is a cheerful place, with a real local atmosphere and friendly people. The center of town is pedestrianized, a great place to stroll and absorb the island atmosphere. You`ll also encounter some interesting shops, fishermen selling their fresh catch from stalls and the back of ape trucks, boats bobbing in the harbor and a stretch of sand along the back of the bay.

A good way to discover the island of Favignana is to rent a bike. (On foot, you won`t be able to do much, apart from visiting the village and its surroundings and renting a car is not very practical due to the small paths.) It is relatively flat and has very little traffic, making it an ideal place for cycling. Get a hold of a map, or follow the coastline, and you can bike along the empty roads, and bump along scenic tracks to discover the more remote parts of the island and reach secluded coves. One place we highly recommend is the dramatic tufa quarries, which are caverns with incredible interior formations that are utilized for bizarre gardens in some cases. It is also possible to join guided tours by bike.

The beaches in Favignana are also amazingly secluded and a great way to relax after wandering around the island on a hot day. Cala Rossa and Lido Burrone are two of the best beaches on the island. Lido Burrone has a bar and more tourist accommodations, whereas Cala Rossa is a bit more rugged. Some other beaches on the island to discover: Bue Marino, another place with the caves of calcerenite rock close to Cala Azzuro; Praia Beach, right in the center of town, the same beach you see when you arrive into port, and just a 5 minute walk from the main square; and Cala Azzura, just one of the several sandy beaches located on the northwest side of the island. The water no matter where you end up on the island has the same magical azure color everywhere.

Finally make your way back to the port, grab yourself an ice cream and then wander along the jetty watching the fishermen at work. They are kind and typically allow visitors to take photos of them working, but it`s always nice to ask permission first! After a beautiful day of exploration, hop on the ferry from Favignana back to Trapani!

Day 3 in Trapani

On your last day in Trapani, we suggest you spend the morning with a visit to the Greek site of Segesta, one of the most important archaeological remains in the region, just a 30 minute drive from Trapani. It used to be the center of one of the three indigenous people of Sicily: The Elymians. The setting of the Temple, perched on Mount Barbaro, is simply beautiful, unspoiled rolling green countryside and views that stretch right down to the sea. Segesta attracts both lovers of history and nature, since the path to the monuments is surrounded by the local Mediterranean woodland.

The Segesta Theater is located higher up, on the northern slope of Mount Barbaro. Quite well preserved, it has a cavea (auditorium) of about 206 ft in diameter, partly cut in the same rock, and partly built and supported by a wall with blocks of limestone.

In the afternoon, take some time for lunch before making your way to Cafano Nature Reserve, it is one of the most beautiful natural corners of Sicily. There are two entries to the reserve: One of the side of Cornino town (a 30 minute drive from Trapani) and one on the side of San Vito Lo Capo (an hour drive from Trapani).

In this Reserve there are two old towers, that of San Giovanni, on the side of Custonaci, and that of Tono on the side that looks to San Vito Lo Capo. These towers were part of the existing system of fortifications of the Sicilian coast created to defend the land by Turkish pirates.

For those who love hiking or the mountain biking, there is an easy path that allows the circumnavigation of the coast. The braver tourists can climb to the top of the mountain and admire a breathtaking view, a truly unique experience!

Additional Days in Trapani

Should you be able to spend additional days in Trapani we recommend you spend some time in Erice Village. This medieval village is perched on a rocky cliff, offering a magnificent view of Trapani, the Aegadian Islands and San Vito Lo Capo. It`s one of the most beautiful viewpoints in Sicily.

You can get to Erice Village by car, which is around 30 minutes, but another option is to take a cable car from Trapani to Erice. We recommend the cable car because it only takes around 10 minutes to arrive in the village and it allows you to enjoy the magnificent scenery.

In Erice, we advise you to follow the signposted walk. It will allow you to see all the must-see attractions in the village, without missing anything. A highlight here is the impressive castle at the top of the cliff. From there, the view over the whole valley of Trapani and the sea is magnificent! In the village, you will also find many restaurants, caf├ęs, souvenir shops and pasticceria (pastry shops).

Your Last Day In Trapani

Depart your hotel for the ferry station or airport where you will head home or make your way to more Sicilian adventures. Savor the memories of a very special time in the Sicily region.