England is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world. Naturally, as a country with rich history and distinct natural beauty, people vacation here all twelve months of the year. The shoulder seasons are recommended over other times of the year, however. The months of April, May and early June comprise the first shoulder season, and the second shoulder season begins in the middle of September, lasting through the end of October. During this time, lines at key tourist attractions should be shorter, and prices for travel and accommodations will be off their summertime peaks.

People who visit England in the winter will be wowed as dustings of snow routinely occur across the north of the country, and less frequently in the south. By the spring, daylight hours have become extended and the precipitation England is known for slowly makes way for drier and more pleasant conditions. Those conditions can also be enjoyed in the autumn, just before the Christmas markets open for business in cities and towns across the country. No matter what time of year, we can help you plan an England vacation you will be sure to enjoy. In this guide, we`ll let you know what to expect as far as weather, holidays and festivals are concerned.