Poland is a country with majestic natural beauty and a long and eventful history. The summertime is a popular time to visit, as temperatures across the country are very warm. While it is the rainy season in summer, the north and central parts of the country enjoy a good amount of sunlight and nice conditions. The drawback to traveling in the summertime is that many tourists, including families with children, will be vacationing at the same time, causing some crowded conditions. Plan in advance and see certain sights early if you want to fit them into your trip.

The shoulder seasons, which roughly correspond to April, May, October, and the first half of November, are recommended times to go to Poland. Temperatures will not be as hot, but still mild, and you will dodge the rainiest (or snowiest) parts of the year, which tend to be the summer and portions of the winter. No matter which time of year you want to visit Poland, this guide will let you know what to expect with regard to weather, tourist crowds, holidays and festivals.