City Center

The modern town of Delphi (population 2,300), also known as the city center, is a concentration of hotels, guest houses, restaurants, taverns, shops, and attractions catering to tourists. It was established in 1892, when the village of Kastir, which has grown up on the site of the Temple of Apollo, was moved to a new position just west to allow excavation of the ancient site.

Many of the cafes and restaurants are located on the valley side of the main street, and therefore offer a stunning view over this valley. The town was built only around 125 years old, so it does not offer the beautiful old architecture, but has a `neoclassical` or more traditional like look, and although it`s quite commercialized, it does offer a nice ambience, especially when walking on the less-developed streets of the village. Staying in the city center offers a great location in the immediate vicinity of the archaeological sites, as well as being close to public transport, typically just a few minutes’ walk.

Take some time to walk not only on the two main streets, full of hotels, gift shops and restaurants, but also to some of the other streets. A visit to Aggelos Sikelianos house, is highly recommended to learn a bit about his strange story. Note that Delphi is built on a hill, so you may use one hotel`s entrance and think you`ll stay on the ground floor, but it`s the third floor on the other side of the building. That applies for most of the hotels on the right side of the main road going to Athens direction.