On foot

Opatija is well-known for its areas for tourists to walk and explore. Since it was believed that being exposed to fresh air would do wonders for their health, walking was heavily promoted in the 19th and 20th centuries. The Lungomare and the Carmen Sylva Forest Path are two popular walking routes frequented by tourists. The former route is flat and recommended for novices. For those who are experienced hikers, there is a twelve-mile hike from the center of Opatija into Ucka Nature Park, where they will make it to the top of Vojak, the highest point in the park, at 4500 feet.

Keep in mind that as you move away from the promenade, you will be walking uphill. You may encounter some steep inclines.

By taxi

Opatija`s taxi company is called Hallo Taxi Opatija (hallotaxi.opatija.net, +385 51 704 100). You can reserve taxis by calling, sending an e-mail, or ordering online. Hallo Taxi operators are required to speak at least one foreign language so it should not be difficult for them to find a driver who speaks English and will drive you. Taxi fares begin at 20 kuna, with each segment of 0.6 miles priced at 5 kuna for trips shorter than three miles, and 6 kuna per 0.6 mile for trips longer than three miles. Wait time is priced at 54 kuna per hour. There is a 30% increase in fares after 10 p.m. and before 6 a.m., on weekends, and on holidays. Expect to pay at least 250 kuna to get to and from Rijeka Airport, 400 kuna if you want to travel to Krk, and 700 kuna to Pula.

By bicycle

Opatija can be challenging for those who might want to ride bicycles but are not particularly proficient at mountain biking up and down steep inclines. For those who still want to enjoy a bike ride on holiday, the Lungomare which stretches from Volosko to Lovran allows bicycles and is a beautiful ride down the coast with lots of great scenery to take in. For those who are cycling enthusiasts, there are eight designated bike paths located in Ucka Nature Park. At the entrance to the park, there is an information office which distributes a map of the paths. The principal bicycle rental shop in Opatija is called Alpi Bike Rent (Setaliste Marsala Tita 128, +385 91 315 7777, www.alpirent.com).

By car

If you have reserved a car during your booking process, you will be picking up your car when you arrive in Croatia and not in Opatija. If, for whatever reason, you decide to rent a car in Opatija after arriving, Sixt and Avax branches are represented in town. The Opatija Riviera area is compact enough where a car is not necessary, but would be helpful if you would like to explore Krk, south of Rijeka Airport, or the rest of the Istrian Peninsula to the west of Opatija.

By bus

Basic bus service connects the towns from Volosko down to Moscenicka Draga with Rijeka. These include Opatija, Lovran, Icici, Medveja, and Moscenicka Draga. Rijeka`s Autotrolej bus system has five routes that connect the towns (32, 34, 35, 36, 37). The main bus station in Opatija is located at Velog Joze 1, three hundred feet from the Lungomare in the center of town. There is also a bus stop where the Lungomare meets Slatina Beach which is serviced by Route 35. Buses begin running around 5 a.m. and end close to midnight during the week (last routes run between 9 and 10 p.m. on weekends and during holidays). To see timetables, visit www.autotrolej.hr/linije/ (website in Croatian; timetables in Croatian, German, English and Italian).