On Foot

The city is quite small and easily accessible on foot. It takes around 5 to 10 minutes to get from the central station to the city center and the old town quarter.

By Public Transportation

Buses leave from the central train station (usually between 5:30am and 11:00pm) and will take you to most parts of Koblenz. The city is served by 10 main bus lines. Fares cost around €1.70 to €2.50 depending on how far you go, pay on the bus (bus drivers will assist passengers with the proper ticket, though most tourists will stay in the central zone and pay the cheaper fare).

You can reach Festung Ehrenbreitstein by taxi, bus, or by taking a ferry across the Rhine River and walking up the walled access road to the fortress. You can also ride a chairlift (Sesselbahn) to the top of the fortress.

By Car

Three German motorways lead to Koblenz: A3, A48 and A61. Parking in the center of Koblenz is sometimes restricted according to time. Park and ride is available. The train station has a parking garage, as does the Löhr Center. Pay attention to closing times at the Löhr Center parking garage: it closes shortly after the shops, typically catching at least a few tourists unaware.

Parking on-streets is limited in the city center of Koblenz. You can find unlimited parking in the car parks/parking garages. Parking rates typically cost around €1.50 per hour.

Car parks Koblenz:
P1 - Parkhaus Schloss - Neustadt 30 - 56068 Koblenz
P2 - Parkhaus Schängel Center - Gymnasialstraße - 56068 Koblenz
P3 - Parkhaus Altlöhrtor - Altlöhrtor 14 - 56068 Koblenz
P4 - Parkhaus Josef-Görres-Platz - Gerichtsstraße - 56068 Koblenz
P5 - Parkhaus Rhein-Mosel-Halle - Julius-Wegeler-Straße - 56068 Koblenz
P6 - Löhr-Center Koblenz - Hohenfelder Strasse - 56068 Koblenz
P7 - Parkhaus Obere Löhr - Karthäuserstrasse - 56073 Koblenz
P8 - Parkhaus Hauptbahnhof - Markenbildchenweg - 56068 Koblenz
P9 - Parkhaus Am Saarplatz - Am Saarplatz 1 - 56068 Koblenz

By Taxi

Taxis can be found at the central railway station. To call ahead for taxi services: +49 261 33055. The initial fee for a taxi in Koblenz is around €3.00 and increases about €1.90 to €2.90 each kilometer.

By Bicycle

Possible Bike rentals in Koblenz:

-Fahrradverleih Koblenz (www.fahrradverleih-koblenz.de/lang_en)
-eBike-Touring (www.ebike-touring.de/en/rent-an-ebike/rent-an-e-bike)
-Fahrradhaus Zangmeister (www.fahrrad-zangmeister.de)
-Burg&Bike in Lahnstein (www.burg-bike.de/uk)

Cycling around Koblenz and the surrounding areas is a great way to see and discover the city. There are Bike rentals that can be found throughout town that both rent and offer bike tours.

The area along this part of the Middle Rhine is buzzing with cyclists (you can ride all the way to Basel, Switzerland) and explore miles of scenic beauty along the river`s bank by bike. Koblenz is the start or destination of the approximately 175 mile long Moselradweg cycle path that goes along the riverside to/from Metz. The path leads through the beautiful Riesling wine landscape and follows the river in all its twists and turns offering a variety of landscapes to discover. Another great cycling path in the city is the Rheinradweg. On the Rheinradweb from Koblenz, cyclist can discover the beauty of the `Upper Middle Rhine Valley` UNESCO world heritage site and enjoy the unique river landscape with its picturesque towns and villages on both sides of the Rhine.