City Center

Dresden`s historical center is situated on the left bank of the Elbe River. Here you will find beautiful buildings from the Renaissance, the Baroque and the 19th-century. Despite being devastated in the Second World War, the Old Town (Altstadt) has kept or regained its attractive buildings.

The Old Town is the center of city life: it is home to the city hall, the Saxon state parliament and important cultural institutions from the Old Masters Picture Gallery, Semper Opera House and the State Theatre to the Green Vault. Between Altmarkt and Neumarkt squares, Prager Strasse and Postplatz you will find plenty of places to shop, eat and drink. Staying in and around the city center, makes for a perfect location to explore all the attractions within easy walking distance.


The Dresden Airport area is located 5.5 miles north of the city center of Dresden in the Klotzsche district. The city center can be reached by bus or tram in about 20 minutes, and about 15 to 20 minutes driving to the central attractions in Dresden. The area is situated close to the A4 Autobahn which connects the A13, to Berlin and the A17, to the Czech border and Prague. Staying around the airport area allows for an ideal location for exploring the towns in Saxony.


Dresden is situated within the state of Saxony, located in East Germany, and is the capital city. While the city itself is charming, the outskirts are also a must see and are easily accessible by train or public transportation depending on where you are staying. There is as much to see and do outside the city of Dresden than within the city limits. Nature lovers are attracted to the peaceful floodplains, parks, forests and nature conservation areas that are located just outside the city limits as well.