Day 1 in Tel Aviv

Welcome to Tel Aviv! Upon arrival at the airport, you will gothrough customs and immigration. Should you opt to purchase a transferto your hotel; a representative will be waiting for you as you exitimmigration. Arrive at your hotel, check in and do not give in to jetlag! There is so much for you to see and do!

We suggest you get acquainted with the city by taking aleisurely afternoon stroll down one of the most iconic streets in thecity, Dizengoff Street. Here you will find designer shops andupscale boutiques that run along the tree-lined street. This area ofthe city is considered the `Champs-Elysees of Tel Aviv` and alsofeatures many quaint cafes and restaurants that are the perfect spotfor a relaxing authentic lunch.

After lunch, make your way to Dizengoff Square whichwas named after the city`s first major. Situated at the south end ofthe Dizengoff Street, this beautiful bustling area is filled withplenty of sights and attractions including the famous `Fire and Water` fountain and the Dizengoff Center Mall.Take some time to explore the shops in the area and then enjoy arefreshment in one of the beer gardens situated around the square anddo some people watching.

From here make your way to the White City which is the perfect place for a stroll when evening time approaches. This unique neighborhood is filled with over 4,000 White International style Bauhaus buildings, a UNESCO World Cultural Heritage Sitesince 2004 with the largest number of Bauhaus buildings in the world.Explore this fascinating area and its iconic buildings with their flatroofs, white and pastel colored faƧades and signature balconiesdecorated with vibrant flowers.

On your first evening in the city head down to the `Tayelet` or promenade which runs along the Mediterranean Seashore to Jaffa.Enjoy a stroll along the promenade or the beach and stop at any one ofthe waterfront restaurants found in this area. Relax with a cocktail,watch the beautiful sun setting on a gorgeous day, feast on freshseafood while basking in the sights and sounds of the sparkling blueMediterranean. The waterfront has a vibrant nightlife to offerincluding trendy beach bars and some of the best clubs in the city.

Day 2 in Tel Aviv

Start your day off with a traditional Israeli breakfast of `shakshuka`(poached eggs in a tomato, chili pepper, and onion sauce, seasoned withcumin). Then take an awakening walk along the promenade, head southtowards Jaffa while enjoying the refreshing sea air. Take in the sightsand surroundings along the way including many seafront shops, cafes,and boutiques as well as the beautiful Charles Clore seaside park.

Welcome to picturesque Jaffa! This spectacular historicneighborhood sits high on top of a hill. The oldest port town in theworld with stories from the Old Testament where Jonah departed and waslater swallowed by a whale. Explore the enchanting vibrant streets ofJaffa and the ancient clock tower, the ancient narrow alleyways arefilled with unique boutiques, quaint cafes, bars and the famous Jaffa Flea Marketfilled with a treasure trove of antiques, crafts, and secondhand items.Shop for that unique item to take home and then find one of therestaurants and cafes that line the streets for refreshments and somelunch and enjoy the magical charm of this vibrant neighborhood.

After lunch head to one of Tel Aviv`s best beaches, the city lies on the coast of the bright blue waters of the Mediterranean Seaproviding the perfect setting for an afternoon lounging in thesunshine. Gordon-Frishman Beach is a popular stretch of sand featuringthe legendary Gordon`s outdoor swimming pool. Grab a sunlounger, read a book, swim in the refreshing waters and enjoy thestunning surroundings. The seaside area along the beach is filled withwaterfront restaurants, beachside bars and plenty of great nightlife.

Choose the perfect place to sit back and watch the sunset witha cocktail in hand, enjoy some traditional hummus and falafel as youwatch the sun go down on another fabulous day. Enjoy dinner and strollalong the promenade in the evening time enjoying the sights andsurroundings.

Day 3 in Tel Aviv

Start off your day with a visit to the Carmel Market whichis the largest and most famous outdoor market in the city. Grab somefreshly baked French pastries and a cup of locally roasted coffee andstroll through this vibrant bustling marketplace, taking in the sightsand mouthwatering smells. Haggle for some watermelon (which is supersweet in Israel); see some of the most colorful fruit in the world,shop for spices and souvenirs and enjoy the fascinating atmosphere thismarket has to offer. Purchase some fresh cheese, cured meats, saltedfish and some fresh produce for a picnic later on.

Make your way to one of the many interesting museums; Tel Avivboasts more museums per capita than any other city in the world. Werecommend the Tel Aviv Museum of Art, the largest Art museum inthe country showcasing a large collection of contemporary and classicalart that dates back to the 16th century. See some of the great works ofart by famous artists such as Dali, Monet, Cezanne, and Picasso.

From here head over to Yarkon Park, Tel Aviv`s version ofCentral Park covering a whopping 3,250 acres of wide open green space.Named after the Yarkon River that runs through the park, find a shadedspot on the lawn and enjoy your picnic. After lunch, visit the visuallystunning botanical gardens located inside the park or the aviary, checkout the largest rock garden in the world. Alternatively, hire a bicycleand cycle around the large park and explore the grounds, you can alsohire paddle boats and see the park from the lake.

Continue your afternoon exploring the museums of the city, there is the Beth Hatefutsoth filled with diaspora history, Eretz Israel Museum offers archeological history and the Palmach Museum offers a look into the underground lives of the elite army unit, the Haganah defense organization.

As evening time approaches make your way to the Tel Aviv Port,one of the best entertainment districts in the city. This popular areais filled with cozy cafes, waterfront dining, and fantastic outdoorshopping and some of the hottest nightlife in the city. The cobblestonestreets are filled with plenty to do on your last evening in Tel Aviv,enjoy some of the best seafood in the city with views overlooking thesea, shop for last minute souvenirs in the amazing shops and enjoydrinks and dancing at one of the famous venues such as TLV and Uptown.

Additional Days in Tel Aviv

If you are able to spend additional days in Tel Aviv be sure to visit the enchanting neighborhood of Neve Tzedek

The Azrieli Centeris a set of skyscrapers, one circular, one triangular and one squareshaped where the Azrieli Center Mall can be found along with 30different eateries. Check out the observation deck on the 49th floor ofthe circular tower and a high-end restaurant.

Your Last Day in Tel Aviv

Depart from your hotel to the airport for your return flight home.We recommend that you purchase a private transfer to the airport if sothe representative will meet you at your hotel with plenty of time toget you to the airport for your flight out.