Approximately 10,000 of the 15,000 residents of Nazare are located specifically in the Parish of Nazare, which covers pretty much every sight in Nazare except for South Beach and the Igreja de Sao Giao (which are located in Famalicao Parish, Nazare City).

Nazare Parish is informally divided into three areas, although for tourism purposes people need to know two of them, connected by the Ascensor da Nazare: O Sitio, the promontory point, and A Praia, which is the area in and around Nazare Beach. Sights located in the O Sitio area include the Santuario de Nossa Senhora da Nazare, Ermida da Memoria, Teatro Chaby Pinheiro, Nazare Lighthouse, and North Beach, among others. Sights in the A Praia/Pederneira area include Nazare Beach, Museu do Peixe Seco, Mercado Municipal da Nazare, Igreja da Misericordia da Pederneira, and Monte de Sao Bartolomeu.

Valado dos Frades

The eastern portion of the Parish of Nazare is called Valado dos Frades, which is approximately three miles east of Nazare City. Traditionally, the land in Valado dos Frades consisted of farms and fields that belonged to the monastery in nearby Alcobaca. Valado dos Frades was a key town in Portugal`s agricultural revolution, as farmers from foreign lands visited the agricultural school here to learn the most up-to-date farming techniques. Valado dos Frades is well-known today for their pottery and porcelain factories, which have made the community less reliant on tourism jobs in nearby Nazare. Valado train station, which serves both Nazare and Alcobaca, is located in Valado dos Frades.