On foot

Nazare is more spread-out than other Portuguese cities. The area around O Sitio is fairly compact, with sights all within a half-mile of one another. A half-mile to the south is the Nazare Beach area, which also includes the bus station, the market, Misericordia da Pederneira, and (two-thirds of a mile to the east) Monte de Sao Bartolomeu. Then, three-quarters of a mile to the south of Nazare Beach is South Beach, which requires visitors to pass through the Port of Nazare.

If you want to see all of Nazare in one day, it is best to use private transportation. People who are in good shape can attempt walking the O Sitio and the Nazare Beach portions by taking advantage of the Ascensor da Nazare, which links the two areas. (The Ascensor is described in an upcoming section on this page.)

By bus

Nazare is connected to other cities in Portugal by Rodotejo and Rede Expressos buses at the Avenida do Municipio bus station, but a Nazare-specific local bus service does not exist. There is one in nearby Alcobaca, which primarily serves residents. The service is called CHITA (Transportes Urbanos de Alcobaca) and you can view a timetable and pricing information at

By the Ascensor da Nazare

The Ascensor da Nazare is a funicular service which has been in operation since the end of the 19th century, linking O Sitio with Nazare Beach. The street Rua do Elevador leads travelers to the Ascensor`s two stops. The Ascensor takes travelers up and down the promontory to the tune of over 1,000 feet, nearly 200 of which passes through a tunnel.

A one-way ticket costs less than €2 for adults and approximately €1 for children. The first Ascensor trip happens each morning at 7:15 a.m., and the final one leaves the beach to go to O Sitio at 10 p.m. (midnight in summer). If you have questions about the Ascensor da Nazare, you can call the Ascensor customer service line at +351 262 569 240.

By taxi

The major taxi provider in Nazare is called Taxis Promontorio Nazare, and it is located at Rua Urbisol 4, Lote 15-16 (+351 262 551 946). Flagfall is more expensive than in many cities, at approximately €3.50-€4 depending on time of day, and the fare increases by about €2 per mile. Expect to pay €8-€10 to travel from O Sitio to Nazare Beach, and €9-€11 to Monte de Sao Bartolomeu. It is approximately €15 to travel between Valado train station and most points in Nazare, and a taxi from Nazare to Alcobaca Monastery will cost at least €20.

By bicycle

Nazare is a great city in which to bike, albeit in segments, especially the segment on and around the Nazare Beach boardwalk. There is a bicycle rental owned by a Dutch expatriate called Bike Rent - Silvercoast (, located seven miles to the south in the village of Alfeizerao. Daily bike rentals begin in the neighborhood of €20-€25, with three-day and weekly rentals available as well. To negotiate the type of bicycle and delivery to Nazare, visit the website and fill out the interest form, e-mail, or call +351 910 572 262.

By car

The Nazare itinerary that TripMasters recommends to travelers doesn`t require a car, but if you do wish to reserve one, we recommend that you make those arrangements with TripMasters before you arrive in Portugal. In that case, you would pick up your car at Lisbon Portela Airport upon arrival in Portugal, and not in Nazare. If, for whatever reason, you change your mind and want to rent a car in Nazare, you can do that on your own by making arrangements with the local company Nazarecar (, which has no relationship with TripMasters.