Switzerland has much to offer visitors any time of year and all season present some great benefits. Summer boasts Switzerland`s nicest weather, yet it`s also when the country is packed with tourists. Meanwhile, winter sports enthusiasts should head to Switzerland during colder months. Anytime is a good time to visit, and the best time really depends on your plans and whether you`re looking for a city or mountain break. You will be able to discover different parts of Switzerland, no matter which part of the year you travel in.

The weather in Switzerland is full of regional micro-climates. Weather in the sub-Jura valleys is the coldest in Switzerland, while the southernmost canton of Ticino offers warm, Mediterranean-like weather. Generally speaking, the country`s climate is typical of central Europe or the northern United States, but without the extremes of hot and cold. Summer typically offers ample sun, though rain is just as common. Switzerland`s springtime and autumn weather is usually agreeable but can get slightly chilly. Here is an overview of Switzerland in all four seasons that will help you decide what`s the best time of year for you to visit.