Sweden has much to offer visitors any time of year and all season offer some great benefits. The country enjoys a mostly temperate climate despite its northern latitude, mainly because of the Gulf Stream, which also makes the temperatures vary considerably. Stockholm is warmer and milder, while in the mountains of northern Sweden, a sub-Arctic climate predominates.

If you`re on a budget, you may want to avoid the summer months, which is the most popular season to visit. As a whole, the summer offers sunny days, but not too hot. July is the warmest month and February is the coolest month when temperatures in Stockholm average around 26°F. Winter months can be the best time to go to Sweden if you`re hoping to catch a glimpse of the Northern Lights or partake in outdoor winter sports, which are a huge attraction to this country. While it`s up to the individual traveler to decide what most appeals to them, below you`ll find a general overview of what to expect throughout the year. If you are well prepared, you`ll have a wonderful trip regardless of the time of year.