Highways (`auto-estradas`) travel in two directions. Where there is a third lane, the middle lane is used for passing (in both directions). When driving in a roundabout, note that the people in the roundabout have priority over the people entering. When you do enter, keep in the interior lanes until it is time for your turn, then merge into the right lane.

Note that you should not do the following things while driving: crossing solid white lines, running red lights, and ignoring or resisting orders from policemen, among many others. Your license to drive can be revoked on the spot, leaving you with a hefty fine and having to scramble to find another mode of transportation. Always pass on the left; passing on the right will result in a fine of €1250.

Tolls are unmanned in many spots, requiring exact change or a Via Verde pass, which is automated and affixed to the windshield. Via Verde pre-paid passes can be purchased at most gas stations or at the rental car company when arriving in Portugal. The pre-payment is usually activated in multiples of €20. Unused portions cannot be refunded. The following roads are toll roads:

-A1 (Lisbon-Santarem)
-A1 (Santarem-Fatima
-A1 (Fatima-Coimbra)
-A1 (Coimbra-Aveiro)
-A1 (Aveiro-Porto)
-A2 (Lisbon-Marateca)
-A3 (Porto-Braga)
-A4 (Porto-Amarante)
-A5 (Lisbon-Cascais)
-A6 (Marateca-Montemor-o-Novo)
-A8 (Lisbon-Torres Vedras)
-A22 (Lagos-Castro Marim)