September - October

The autumn is a spectacular time to visit Austria, especially since the gorgeous autumn colors take over the landscape, turning the mountains into a magnificent destination to explore. This is also a great time if you`re looking to visit without having to tolerate large crowds or freezing weather. The average temperatures are typically between the mid 40s to high 60s. Generally, as the temperatures start to drop, the hotels rates will as well. However, the autumn colors do bring quite a draw to Vienna; it is always a good idea to book in advance at this time. By the end of the season, most ski resorts are open.

Events and Festivals

- Vienna Fashion Week

- Long Night of the Museums (October)

- Austrian National Day (October 26)

- All Saints` Day (October 31)

- Tennis Trophy (October)

- Wien Modern (October - November)

- Viennale Vienna Intentional Film Festival (October - November)

- All Soul`s Night (November 1)

- St Martin`s Day (November 11)

- Vienna Schubert Festivale (November)