If you are traveling to Belgium, you have to think about the weather, especially because this is a country you visit when you want to enjoy the beauty of Europe in a leisurely manner. Thankfully, Belgium`s climate is rather moderate, even though it follows the standard temperature as the rest of Europe. Most of the bigger cities in Belgium, like Brussels, Ghent, Bruges, and Antwerp are all year round destinations, but each season has something special to offer. High tourist season is considered to be July and August, this is when you`ll find the crowd levels at their peak, especially in the coastal towns. The country is at its best between April - June or September - October. This is when the weather is absolutely beautiful and will leave you feeling refreshed. The winter months (November - February) are chilly, but offer some amazing carnivals, especially during the Christmas and Lent season. Overall, Belgium enjoys a mild temperature year round, so you will be able to travel without any interruptions, no matter which season you visit in.