City Center

The ancient city center of Orange is compact, interestingand easy to explore. The center is more like a village exclusive of the RomanTheater and museum. The main roads as surrounded by three sides, with Bvd Daladier on the north and east, and CoursAristide Briand on the west. Rud Madeleine Roch crosses the south side of theold town, with the Roman Theater on the outside edge and the large hill ofColline St-Eutrope extending south of the center. There are lots of smallstreets to wander around in the center of Orange.

Place de la Republique is a large square in the very center of orange, surrounded by colorful buildings, terrace café-restaurants, and shops. Immediately north of here is the large open square of Place Clemenceau, in front of the Orange Town Hall. There are some interesting shops on Place Clemenceau, and a few terrace cafe-restaurants, as well as the bell tower topped with an amazing campanile with bright gliding.


Most hotels located in the outskirts of the city center arelocated just a short walk from the main attractions. If you are looking to beclose to the motorway this is a better option. The Triumphal arch is located outside the city center.

The area immediately around Orange is urbanized or farmland, and hiking isn`t great. In the forested hills about 6 miles north, between Serignan-du-Comtat and Bollene, there is some good hiking, including the GR4 hiking trail and the `Tour du Massif` trails. About 9 miles east are the Dentelles de Montmirail and the beginning of Mont Ventoux.