By Public Transportation

By Bus: Buses generally run from 6 am until 8 pm. The bus service is less frequent during the weekend and during holidays. Bus transport throughout `Grand Avignon` (the Greater Avignon Region), including Les Angles, Villeneuve les Avignon and Le Pontent, is supplied by Transports en Coomun de la Région d'Avignon or TCRA, tel: (+33) 4 32 74 18 32.

The major bus stops in central Avignon are in front of the main post office (La Poste), on the place Pie (by Les Halles, Avignon`s covered market) and on the rue de la République. Inside the city walls the main services are two routes which are plied at regular intervals during the day by 20-seat mini-buses called Cityzens. All bus stops in Avignon are request stops, so you will need to flag the bus down and, on board, ring the bell when you want to alight at the next stop.

By Tourist Train: Visitors to Avignon France can enjoy a trip around town in a tourist train. Called the Avignon Vision, the train departs from the city square in front of the Popes` Palace.

There are actually two trains: one that runs up the hill to the Parc Rochers des Dom (1 euro) and a second that provides a city tour with commentary.

By Baladine Vehicles: Eco-friendly Baladine vehicles (www.tcra.fr) are little seven-seater electric powered vehicles that zip around within the city walls for about €0.50 per ride and tickets can be bought on board.They are available Mon - Sat 10 am - 12:30 pm and 2 - 6 pm; during July and August daily 10 am - 8 pm. Instead of picking up and dropping passengers only at bus-stops, these vehicles can be hailed down like taxis.

By Taxi

Taxi Avignon - Tel: (+33) 4 90 8220 20, www.taxis-avignon.fr. Be aware, taxis in the city do have a reputation for overcharging passengers. If the taxi is displaying an illuminated letter `D` on the meter: it indicates you are being charged a higher, night-time tariff which should only apply between 7 pm and 7 am.

By Walking

All Avignon`s major sights, as well as its charming back streets, are easily accessible on foot. The tourist office offers free maps that are marked with four easy walking routes, ideal for getting a feel for the city.

You will also find footpaths on Barthelasse Island (accessible by Daladier bridge), a great area to walk and enjoy the views of Avignon.

By Car

It is not recommended to drive in Avignon`s town center. You can easily drive the circumference of the walled city on its ring road. Inside the walls, the numerous pedestrian areas make driving very challenging. Note that in previous years the inner city has been completely closed to traffic during the festival times.

Parking on the street is not advised as car thefts are common. Inside and just outside the city center, there are dozens of metered parking lots available:

To reduce congestion, Avignon also has a parc relais -park-and-ride - system. Free, guarded parking outside the city are linked to the center by regular shuttle buses every five or ten minutes.

Parking Garages:

Parking des Halles, open 24 hours/day (580 spaces) Place Pie
Parking Jean Jaurès, open 24 hours/day (709 places) Cours Jean Jaurès
Parking de l`Oratoire, open 24 hours/day (554 spaces), Remparts de l`Oulle
Parking des Gares, open 24 hours/day (778 spaces), 7, avenue Montclar
Parking Catto, open 24 hours/day, 16, boulevard St Roch
Parking St-Charles, open 24 hours/day (190 spaces) Avenue dublanchissage (beneath the Grand Hotel). Pedestrian access straight from the center city train station.

Free and guarded Parking:

Parking de l`Ile Piot: Open 24 hours /day (650 spaces). Free bus shuttle to the Porte de l`Oulle
Parking des Italiens: (450 spaces) Avenue des Italiens, open all year long from Monday to Saturday (closed on holidays) guarded from 7:30 am to 8:30pm

By Boat

The Rhône has for many centuries been an important means of transportation for the city. River traffic in Avignon has two commercial ports, docking stations for boat cruises, and various riverfront developments. A free shuttle boat has been established between the quay near the ramparts and the opposite bank (Barthelasse Island).

The 1730 acre Barthelasse Island in the middle of the Rhône is one of the largest river islands in Europe. You can get there from central Avignon by a free boat shuttle (navette fluviale). It runs for most of the year apart from in late winter, and on days of high winds.

There are also lunch and dinner cruises and boat cruises around Barthelasse Island as far as the Tour Philippe Le Bel in Villeneuve lès Avignon. This is a very nice way to view both cities from a different vantage point.