How do I get from the airport to my hotel?

The nearest airport to Menton is Nice International Airport ( The airport is located 25 miles away and takes about 40 - 90 minutes depending on your means of transportation. If you have not booked a private transfer with us you have a few options such as bus, train, or taxi.

Express Bus Line 110 departs from Nice International Airport mostly every hour between 9 am and 9 pm. The ride takes between 60 - 80 minutes to Menton depending on the number of stops it makes in Monaco. The cost is around €22 and €35 return. Tickets are available for purchase at the airport or online. The bus will drop you off at Menton Gare Routiere train station which is within walking distance of the sea and the center of town.

Ligne d`Azur Bus 100 has direct service between Nice and Menton. The cost is about €1.50 and takes around 90 minutes. You may also be charged for luggage (hand luggage may cost about €1 and a suitcase around €5). The bus stop is at Airport/Promenade on the main road in front of the airport. This bus runs about every 15 minutes on weekdays, three times an hour on Saturdays, and twice per hour on Sundays. The first bus from Nice city passes by the airport around 6:20 am (8:00 am on Sunday). Keep in mind that the bus may be full when it reaches the airport and will not pick up additional passengers if so.

By car, traveling time is around 40 minutes via A8. Taxis are also available and charge according to the meter. Uber is another available option and a much cheaper option than a taxi. The estimated cost for Uber starts at about €85 and increases depending on the car type you order.

By Train, TER trains are typically faster than buses and stop at most French Riviera resort towns. As trains do not stop directly at the Nice Airport, a short walk (about 10-minutes from Terminal 1, it is not advised to walk from Terminal 2) or bus transfer is required to get there. The closest train station to Nice Airport is Nice-Saint Augustin, where almost all TER regional trains call. Nice-Ville station is a 15-minute bus ride away and offers TER regional trains and further long-distance connections. TER train tickets can be purchased from the bus ticket windows just outside the airport terminals or at the station. The TER train traveling from Nice Ville Gare SNCF train station will take about 50 minutes to the Menton and cost around €15 - 20. Trains operate from around 5 am to 11 pm.

How do I get around Menton using Public Transportation?

TRF is the bus network in Menton and is limited to a 9-route bus line.The most frequent lines run every 30 minutes, while several only make around 4 round trips a day. Most buses leave from the central station (Gare Routiere) on Avenue de Sospel. Tickets are about €1 for a single trip or around €10 for a 10 trip ticket. The 10 trip ticket can be purchased at the Tourist Information Burea, at the Gare Routiere, and on buses. With these buses, you can get up to the perched villages of Ste Agnes, Sospel and Gorbio, or get around town to sites like the Bastion and Musee d`Antiquitees. A map showing all the routes is available at the Gare or the Tourist Info desk.

Linge d`Azur is the inter city bus line in the area. Tickets for this bus are about €1.50.

How do I call/hail a taxi? Is Uber available in Menton?

Taxi`s can be hailed (but drivers may or may not respond to hails from the street) or by calling in advance. The station in front of the SNCF train station (Tel. 04 91 10 47 02) or the town hall taxi service (Tel. 04 92 1047 00).

Uber is available in Menton and a welcome alternative to taxis offering a reliable ride at less expensive rates.

Is Menton a walking city?

Menton is a great town to explore on foot just be prepared to walk up some steep streets. Menton is known for having steep cobbled medieval steps and alleyways that are dark, narrow and winding.

How do I get around by bike?

The verdant hills around Menton are the training ground for several Tour de France cyclists. For a more leisurely biking experience, head along the sea front from Italy to Monaco on a rented mountain bike or electric bike. We do not recommend biking in the city due to the steep and hilly streets and narrow staircases.

I will have a car in Menton, where can I park?

If you do decide to rent a car we suggest you pick it up as you depart the city to avoid excessive rental/parking expenses.

The largest parking operator in the area is Q-Park, and they often offer cheap parking or discounted parking options. For the cheapest and/or closest parking, we recommend trying the following parking options: Sain-Roch, 10 Avenue Felix Faure; Gare de Menton, Avenue de la Gare; Hotel de Ville, 23 Rue de La Republique, these are also the most popular overnight parking spots in the city. Street parking is also available in Menton but you run the risk of getting a parking ticket. Always remember to read all posted signs when parking on the street. The average hourly parking price is about €5.

Is Menton a dangerous city?

Menton is a safe place with a very low crime rate, in fact, it is said to be the safest place on the Riviera.

Can I pay/tip in US dollars?

The currency of France is the Euro, US dollars are not accepted. The city has ATMs to withdraw cash, and most of the top restaurants, shopping centers, boutiques, hotels, etc. accept credit cards. Also, banks offer the most convenient exchange rates. As a rule, banks open weekdays between 8:30 am and 5 pm, with an approximately 2-hour lunch break in the middle of the day.

What is the weather like?

Menton offers a pleasant Mediterranean climate. Temperatures range from 40F to 65F in the winter and 65F - 85F in the summer months. July and August are the height of season with the hottest temps, averaging a high of low 80s. Autumn temperatures range from 60s - 70s.

I don`t speak French. Will many people speak English?

French is the official language spoken in Menton, but given its proximity to Italy, the second language is Italian and locals switch easily between the two. However, the staff of most tourism-related venues (hotels, restaurants) speaks English fluently, and plenty of attractions (museums, guided tours) feature a wide openness to the English speaking public. We suggest you get a good English-French guidebook and familiarize yourself with common phrases such as hello, goodbye, excuse me and numbers 1-10.

What is the food like?

The cuisine in Menton has a notable Italian influence, being so close to the border. It did not become part of France until 1860. Menton is proud of its citrus fruit, and there are lemons everywhere, from lemon-infused olive oil to lemon biscuits. Some regional dishes that you`ll want to try while in Menton include Barbajuan, a sort of ravioli; socca, chickpea pancakes; and pichade, a tomatoey version of the pissaladiere onion pizza/tart specialty.

There are numerous good restaurants in the Old Town and down towards the port. You will notice that restaurant opening hours will vary. It is recommended to call restaurants in advance to check on their hours.

What are the best areas for shopping?

The pedestrian only central streets are packed with different shops and boutiques that extend from the sea front to the `Campanin` garden. You will also find lots of shopping at the markets in Menton, overflowing with colors, exotic aromas and flowers from the South of France, and their specialties, lemons, spices, barbajuans (fried vegetables and rice), and Socca. These markets have a welcoming, friendly atmosphere.

There is an excellent covered market each morning on Les Halles on the quai de Monleon. Here over 30 stall holders sell fresh fruit, vegetables, spices and sweet treats. The market continues out to Place Fornari with clothing and various other items in the summer. Open daily from 8 am to 1 pm

An artisanal market comprises about 15 stands of purely artisan items on the 1st and 3rd Saturday of every month from 8 am to 6 pm from Place du Cap to Quai Bonaparte.

The town is host to a Flea Market that takes place on the Esplanade Francis Palmero every Friday from 7 am to 6 pm.

In the summer months there is a Night-time market on the Esplanade Francis Palmero, it takes place every night from the end of June to the end of August from 9:30 pm to midnight with about 30 stalls.

The Marchédu Careï is another version of the main market only at a different location. It is held every day from 1 am to 1 pm, mostly concentrating on food, but on Tuesdays and Sundays, there are clothing stalls as well.

Note: Value-added tax (VAT) rate is currently 20% in France for standard goods. A reduced rate of 10% applies to restaurants, transport, and certain medical drugs. And a 5.5% tax applies to food, water and non alcoholic beverages, books, some entertainment events and some domestic personal services. Look for stores displaying Global Blue Tax Free Shopping signage in the window. When paying for your purchases ask the shop staff for a Tax Free Form.

What is the popular Lemon Festival and when is it held?

Menton is known for its lemons, which are renowned for their flavor and celebrated every February with a big lemon-themed party. The Lemon Festival has marked the farewell to winter since the end of the 19th century. For two weeks, the Biovès Garden in the center of town is filled with large statues and figurines, all made from citrus fruit. The festival attracts over 240,000 visitors who come to marvel at the giant sculptures. Each year celebrates a different theme.

What should I do if I need medical assistance or need to go to the hospital?

In an Emergency dial 112

Police 117

Fire 118

Ambulance 115

Doctors on call 04 93 53 03 03

Riviera Medical Services (English-speaking doctors) 04 93 26 12 70