On foot

Evora is a very walkable city, considering the historic center is located on a plot of land just half a square mile in size. The longest east-west point in the historic center clocks in at .8 miles, meaning nearly everyone can walk to most sights without getting winded. With that in mind, some terrain in Evora is hilly, and the climb to the Cathedral in particular can be draining for people who are not very active at home.

By bus

The bus system in Evora is operated by Transportes Rodoviarios de Evora (TREVO). TREVO operates ten lines that serve Evora and its suburbs, and two special blue lines (so noted by signs for linha azul) which loop the southern and northern portions of the historic district, respectively. The blue lines run from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. on weekdays and from 8 a.m. to 2 p.m. on Saturdays. The other ten bus lines are all in operation by 7 a.m., running until 8 p.m. on weekdays and 6 p.m. on Saturdays. Only a handful of lines are in operation on Sundays and during holidays, and the schedules are much tighter. You can travel anywhere in the bus system (including Cartuxa) for under €2 one-way. For more information, visit www.trevo.com.pt (Portuguese).

By taxi

There are five different taxi companies operating in Evora, one of which operates from inside the historic center. Fares in and around Evora are relatively cheap; it should cost you between €5 and €8 for most trips. (Expect to pay in the neighborhood of €10 to travel from the southern part of the historic center to Cartuxa.)

NOTE: While Evora welcomes many tourists each year, do not assume your taxi driver will know how to speak English. Write out your destinations on pieces of paper and give the paper applicable to that specific trip to your driver before departing.

By bicycle

If you are dreaming of taking a bike ride in picturesque Evora, don't let the hills stop you from pursuing your dream. Evora is hilly in places, yes, but there are a lot of roads which are flat and easy for novice cyclists. You can rent a bike from Go Cycling Portugal (www.gocyclingportugal.com); the Lisbon-based company employs English-speaking staff, online orders can be made completely in English, and on top of all that, the company will deliver the bike rental to you anywhere in the country. Expect to shell out €30-€50 per day depending on the type of bicycle rented. On the corner of Rua de Santo Antonio and Rua da Senhora da Saude, approximately half a mile outside the eastern portion of the city walls, is a bicycle sharing station named Recicleta Evora. For more information, dial +351 968 050 586.

By car

Perhaps the most flexible way of traveling in and around Evora is by automobile. Europcar car rental is located just outside the ring road, southwest of the Jardim Publico, just off Rua de Viana. If you are taking advantage of self-drive portions of your trip, you will be picking up your car at the airport upon entering Portugal, not in Evora. If you decide to rent a car on your own in Evora, prices will range from €30 to €100 per day depending on the size of car requested. Parking is not a major issue like it is in other Portuguese towns; Evora offers free public parking in many places, usually around the city walls and the modern-day ring road.