Regardless of where you are looking to travel, rental car age requirements and restrictions may affect the cost of your vehicle reservation. This is especially true for those looking to rent a car under 25 years of age because many rental suppliers will set strict rental car age limits or charge an additional daily fee known as a young driver surcharge. These age limits will vary depending on where and who you plan to rent your car with, so it`s best to keep yourself informed and in control of all your local car rental fees.

A less common rental car age requirement is a maximum age limit that will sometimes prevent older senior drivers from renting a car. These limits typically affect drivers 75 and older, but individual rental suppliers can set these rental car age requirements and restrictions at their own discretion. The good news for senior citizens is that these rules are uncommon in most European countries, but it`s still always best to be aware of potential age limits that can affect your trip abroad!

Rental Car Age Requirements Facts:

1. Car rentals for 18 year olds are possible, and even though the minimum legal driving age in most European countries is younger than 18, each respective car rental company can choose who they will or will not rent to and can set their own rules and restrictions.

2. Car rental age limits are based on the terms and conditions from the country you rent in. The only car rental age restrictions that will apply to you will be detailed in the terms and conditions of your rental contract, but national laws will still apply if you plan on driving to different countries. Always be sure to read up on driving laws in any country you intend on visiting and give prior notice to TripMasters if you plan on driving a rental car internationally.

3. Young driver surcharges are incurred by rental suppliers and paid locally. If your age requires you to pay an additional fee according to the terms and conditions of your rental car contract, the additional amount will not be included in your pre-paid rate with TripMasters and will need to be paid locally at the rental desk when you pick up your vehicle.

4. Rental car age restrictions may require you to purchase insurance. If you are a senior driver or younger driver, particularly those looking to rent a car under 21, you may be required to purchase an inclusive rate rather than opting for a basic rate or using insurance provided by a credit card.

5. Car rental age requirements may restrict you from renting certain vehicles. Many rental companies will set higher age limits for specialty and luxury vehicles. Vehicles in the economy and compact classes will always have the fewest age-related restrictions.